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  • imsoalone imsoalone Nov 26, 1997 1:30 PM Flag

    In trouble.

    Once the trend moves to Reebox or Adidas or anyone else, this company's going down. They've overleveraged and gone over the top - kinda like Madonna or Michael Jackson. They'll pay the price in the $2.99 heap at JC Penney's....

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    • I was wondering if any of you agree that NIKE sales could be higher if they better understood the youth market, Gen Y ?

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      • The "youth" market, ages 10 to 21, is a market Nike understands and is a market to which Nike sells billions of dollars of product each year.
        It is true that some youth want lesser known, lesser exposed, brands....That is why smaller brands like Vans, FUBU, Skechers, Kswiss etc...etc......always have some success.....It is their small size and relative exclusiveity which makes them appealing tocertain segments of the youth market.
        Nike can't be faulted for being so large that their large size alientates certain too cool for school hip-hop rappers.
        Anyway, Nike from the beginning has positioned itself as a SPORTS driven company.....Nike likes to think of themselves as the best quality and functioning brand for people who play sports.
        Nike really doesn't try to cater to what some eminem or snoopdog poser wants to wear.

    • Nike is certainly a unique company. Nike has
      executives who know what they are doing. Nike has always
      been number 1 and always will be. Adidas and Reebox
      have always just followed Nike's lead and always will.
      Nike sets the trends.

    • I don't know if you have ever worn tennis shoes, but nike has more than just an image they make the best shoes, i never have and never will wear Reebo(k0 notice that is a k not an x so much for their brand recognition, you can't even spell their name. Right now adidas is making some nice clothes, but do you think nike is worried I doubt it. Take a look at their market share in every major shoe category any set backs are temporary, you'll see

    • I am sorry you are so alone but I can understand why after reading your drivel. What makes you think Reeboc or Adidas have better managment than Nike?
      Are you one of those that just hope the American dream comes to an end?
      Back up your comments with some facts please.

    • There isn't another sports footwear company that can match the marketing and sales growth. The best is yet to come. Nike currently employs over 20,000 worldwide and boasts annual sales
      No way Jose. This company is far too powerful in marketing and sales generation. They are currently over 10 billion in sales and employ over 20,000 worldwide. They are the best of the rest.
      They have been singled out for labor practices overseas, but, no need to fret as they will address them vigorously and right whatever wrongs there may be.

    • First of all, comparing footwear companies to people is like comparing apples and oranges. Very different! Do you follow Nike? No one in the industry markets as well and has the financial wallet behind them. They have done a great job world wide capturing market share, however, They stumbled once in the eighties. Will it happen again?

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      • Nike is on top of the athletic shoe industry. They have the best product available and will still record double digit earnings growth. I think their outlook is still good. The stock will probably trade higher in the coming months. Next year should be better than this year because of a continuous marketing program. I bet you cannot watch television for more than a few minutes without seeing their logo somewhere.

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