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  • inequities inequities Dec 2, 1997 10:54 PM Flag

    NKE in ASIA

    I bought NKE awhile back in the mid 50s. I do not expect it to rapidly return to the mid 70s, but over the long haul I think the stock will do well and is pretty attractive at its current price. Regarding Asia, some analysts have been claiming that
    given the high amount of labor and material that NKE purchases in Asia, the weakness there could actually be a **positive** for Asia. Also, one of the reasons I bought NKE was that they really haven't penetrated the Asian market yet to the extent they are capable. (They stumbled in Japan early on and are now preparing to build their brand in Japan and elsewhere.) Think about the possibilities to market Tiger, etc. Plus, we have a winter Olympics and World Cup next year and a summer Olympics
    in 2000, and I have to believe that one or both of those will be good for NKE.

    But perhaps all of this is rationalization for the fact that my ten year old is obsessed with the brand, owns 10 pairs of Nike shoes, and refuses to wear a piece of clothing that lacks a SWOOSH!

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    • Just myself purchased a bit of NKE, and am basically a long-term bull, but have a few worries about the short-term. Wondering if anyone has any additional information/insight.

      The human rights activists don't have me worried, because I think NKE works reasonably hard at being fair at its factories. The currency issues in Asia are probably a net positive on the cost side. What worries me is the Japanese market (which is where I happen to live).

      Over the past two years, there has been a HUGE Nike boom here in Japan -- and when things boom in Japan, they boom big. The down-side is that when things boom in Japan, they also tend to bust.

      I'm starting to see magazine articles talking about the 'end of Nike in Japan', retailers are talking about sales having dropped in half from previous years, etc., etc. To toss some salt in the wounds, the Japanese FTC just slapped Nike on the wrist for some of its distribution practices.

      So how important is this in terms of NKE on a global basis? No clue -- anyone know how important the Japanese market is to NKE at present?

      Thanks for any info.

    • Is anybody concerned that Nike was beaten out by Adidas as the shoe sponsor for next year's Soccer world cup?

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      • Adidas is synonynous with football... so much so in fact that no football fan ever notices them. The BIG brand prescence at next year's World Cup will be NKE. Why?

        1. Because they are providing the exclusive kit for BRAZIL, runaway favourites for the trophy.
        2. Ronaldo, Brazil player, world player of the year and God in football shoes is "owned" by NKE.

        Forget Adidas, NKE will rule in France.

        Now does that mean the stock will rise? Hmm?

      • From my knowledge of the Nike, Nike was not beaten out by Adidas as the shoe sponsor for next year's Soccer world cup. As a matter affect Nike is sponsoring some of the world best soccer teams including the U.S. and some of the teams from South American countries, and Europe.

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