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  • liereman liereman Dec 9, 1997 5:35 PM Flag


    I own a pub in Belgium, Europe, with lots of youngsters coming in. About a year or three ago, Adidas zas the brand over here. Now, where-ever I look, I see Nike. Shoes, caps, shirts, shorts, whatever. Now, if (when) they manage to capture the football-market in this old continent, they'll be as big here as they are in the US. And then it's Asia.
    Just wish I had some more cash : this is a buy now. But then, it's always the same. Didn't have cash in march or october (corrections), don't have it now (iom and nike).Please stay at this level for a couple of weeks, both of you.


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    • It's almost that time of the year again. Any guesses on whether Nike will match or exceed the street estimate? They better. If not, the stock will take a nosedive.

      Nike has done well in the past because it has good innovations and do a heck of a job promoting their its products.
      I hear they are doing well with their golf gear, thanks to Tiger Woods, but not sure about other things.

      Asian currency depreciation should be good news for Nike, right? Since it now costs them less to import shoes from that region. About 99.9% of Nike stuff are made in that region.

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      • As an avid Nike wearer, as well as a shareholder, it seems that the current Nike bashing is overrated. This is a tremendous company with solid marketshare worldwide, extremely deep pockets, and the best marketing scheme this planet has ever scene.

        As soon as the Ultra-liberals can figure out that Nike is actually paying their overseas factory workers more-than American minumum wage, this company will be on the upswing and Wall Street will bring them back into favor.

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