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  • makingdoe makingdoe Dec 18, 1997 3:32 PM Flag


    earnings are .48 for the quarter versus .60.

    footwear down 1 percent, apparal up 20 percent.

    i dont see this , but reading other messages, they say after hour trading has nike at 41(?).

    believe the .48 was below one number i heard from an analyst
    which was .50 per share.
    most prior estimates were around .56.

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    • Nike stock has been in a steep slide for months. The bad news has already been factored into the price. Historically, Nike bottoms and then returns to its rising ways quickly. Nike will continues to grow worldwide at an unprecedented pace for the size of this company. All other footwear/apparel companies are so far behind this company in terms of cash flows, management effectiveness, brand recognition and momentum, it makes me laugh when the naysayers come out of the woodwork.

      Shorts have enjoyed the past 6 months. But remember they call it short because you can only hope to make money on the short term and then better get out.

      Hint to short sellers:

      Cover before the big bounce.

    • I'm not sure why investors of NKE are selling off. I bought the stock at 48 and I am still very confident. Expect the stock
      to rebound beginning in late February and continuing through May. Retailers typically rebound in the spring, when the Christmas
      season profits are reported. My advice, anything under 40 for NKE is an exceptional buy. If you don't believe me, just take a trip
      through your neighborhood shopping mall. Everybody between the ages of 5 and 25 is wearing NKE apparrel! Good luck!

    • Don't know much about retail. But Nike looks good at current price.
      My reservation (only gut) is, are they spending to much for the likes of Jordan and Tiger? Any advise?
      Thanks and Merry Christmas.

    • Earnings for the past quarter is one thing. Reading the earnings report gives an impression of ever slowing down demand for athletic footware and apparel. Reebok said the same thing. Negative growth in earnings and bookings for next quarter don't bode well for this stock. Are NKE holders going to be hit by
      the sector slowdown. Increased expectations are like salt on the wounds.

      Comments welcome.

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      • I shorted NKE at 54 and have no thought of covering yet!

        Fundamentals -- Per the quarterly earnings release: "fiscal 1998 earnings per share likely to be in the $2.00 - $2.15 range". At a 15 P/E that corresponds to a price of $30-$32.

        Technicals -- NKE's chart doesn't show any support above 30.

        Timing -- Anyone who's owned NKE for 12 months or less has an unrealized short term capital loss making this an ideal stock to sell before the year-end tax deadline.

        How can this one go anywhere but down for at least the next 2 weeks and probably next two quarters?

    • Nike reported an 0.48 EPS, which is way below strret estimate of o.55. In addition, Nike also issued warnings on its income for the next two quarters.

      Looks bad. The after hour trading is active, at about 41.5.

      I am selling mine first thing in AM and move on to greener and brighter pastures.

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