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  • Buerger97 Buerger97 Mar 5, 1998 5:02 PM Flag

    Outside looking in

    As a structural engineer for the past 15 years, by financial acumen is very limited and I admit I have no real understanding of the more esoteric aspects of trying to predict stock prices. However, the more time that goes by, I'm beginning to look on these things as net positives.

    My read on NKE is simple:

    1) It is everywhere I look. Everywhere. You can't swing a dead cat over your head without hitting someone or something with the NKE swoosh on it.
    2) NKE didn't get where they are by being stupid (management wise).
    3) The fundamentals look good. Low PE. History of growing earnings. Plus, everyone seems to want to ignore the fundamentals and place undue emphasis on transitory negatives, thus driving the stock price down to attractive levels.

    On these bases, I bought into NKE a few months ago at 57 and couldn't believe my good fortune when I was able to buy more an equal amount a few weeks ago at 38 (a level which is beginning to look a lot like the bottom).

    Nuff said.

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    • I made the same mistake with Nike last year.
      I saw it everywhere, wich meant that there
      isn't som many more people to buy the products
      if they already have bought. And how fun
      is it to have the same shoes and jacket as
      everybody else?

      They keep telling us that's not about fashion
      it's about sports. It don't look that way
      if you see where they make money.

      Adidas is hot, Nike isn't.
      Maybe in two years it's the other way.

      I have both so I hope to be in a win-win situation
      long term.

    • On the BB and on the SI. BB there is nothing but NKE bashing.
      I wonder sometimes whether there are those who have SHORTED
      this stock. If one reads the posts...and then conversely
      the praise being heaped on ADIDIS.... one certainly would NOT
      buy NKE.. I think you sound like an intelligent ENGINEER who
      does his homework. I respect your post and as a LONG TIME
      INVESTOR in NKE at a much higher price.... I am glad to read
      POSTS such as yours that are not HYPE nor NEGATIVITY...but
      the FACTS..


    • And did you notice that NKE didn't BUDGE when that Adidas release came out.

      There is no threat.

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