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  • mnymkr4u mnymkr4u Sep 18, 2000 6:27 PM Flag

    I applaude NBC, but disappointed...

    I applaude NBC, but still very disappointed with
    Nike and their senior management team for lack of
    judgement, and appropriate response (I assume Denson does
    not have small children... very patronizing comment
    too!!!). When did stockholder meetings become focus groups
    for children/family reaction??? Maybe this costly
    advertising debacle is indicative of the more deep rooted
    corporate financial performance concerns with Nike as of
    late???? I hope that Nike is fined, and shoe sales drop...
    putn' on my NB's as I write. Anxious to see if Katie C
    or Bob C say's something tonight regarding this
    advertsing/PR blunder during the Olympic broadcast....

    PS I was one of the first to post on this issue..
    big relief

    Monday September 18 5:16 PM
    NBC Pulls Ad Parody of Horror Movie

    WILLIAM McCALL, AP Business Writer

    PORTLAND, Ore.
    (AP) - Nike Chairman Phil Knight said Monday that NBC
    has pulled one of the athletic shoe giant's
    commercials - a ``slasher'' movie parody - from the
    television network's Olympic advertising lineup.

    ad begins with distance runner Suzy Favor Hamilton
    (news - web sites) spotting a man in a hockey mask,
    much like the ``Jason'' character from the hugely
    popular ``Friday the 13th'' movies, preparing to attack
    her with a chainsaw.

    Hamilton runs off and
    keeps up such a strong pace the masked attacker
    collapses in wheezing exhaustion. The tag line at the end
    of the ad says: ``Why sport? You'll live

    The ad drew laughs from the crowd at Nike's annual
    shareholder meeting in Portland on Monday, along with a
    second ad featuring Olympic cyclist Lance Armstrong
    using mouth-to-trunk resuscitation to revive a circus
    elephant that quit breathing.

    The answer to the
    question, ``Why sport?'' in the Armstrong ad is ``Healthy

    An NBC spokeswoman in Australia had no immediate
    comment on the Hamilton ad.

    But Nike vice
    president Charles Denson said company officials were
    disappointed in the response.

    ``I guess we felt it was
    a little ironic,'' Denson said, because ``they
    (NBC) preapproved the ad before it ran in the Olympic

    Earlier, at the shareholder meeting before it was learned
    the ad had been pulled, Denson responded to an
    audience question asking whether the ad might be seen as
    encouraging violence toward women.

    He said it was
    simply intended to be a parody and that Hamilton had fun
    filming the ad.

    ``We have a history of making
    controversial ads, and we certainly have succeeded in that,''
    Denson said.

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    • A bright new button for mnymkr4u, she was "one of
      the first to post on this issue." I guess that your
      plight was for the safety of women and children, not to
      cast your alms before men.

      Why does NBC deserve
      any praise?

      Can you people admit that you look
      for reasons to bash Nike? I'm sure that poster
      newbalancerules has a fair, unbiased opinion.

      BTW- A
      response from a fit female in our office when she heard
      that the ad was pulled:

      "She kicked Jason's
      butt. How can anyone think that ad was anything but

      • 1 Reply to xaler_sresol
      • My opinion may not be unbiased, but it is fair. I
        was never been a Nike basher until I saw the
        commercial. All I hear from the Nike VP is that all the
        shareholders thought the commercial was very funny, and that
        NBC preapproved the commercial, so it must be NBC's
        fault that it aired. Never mind that NBC was counting $
        as it judged the spot. Are Nike's and NBC's opinions
        of the commercial fair and unbiased? I don't think
        so. My kids used to wear Nike soccer cleats, but
        never more. Anything but - and that is my fair right to

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