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  • mnymkr4u mnymkr4u Oct 6, 2000 9:46 PM Flag

    This company is a piece of work....

    Talk about morally conscious??? Or lack of??? One
    week they are scaring the hell out of children all
    over the US, during one of the most sanctimonious,
    positive "touch points" we have for our children, and two
    week later they are busted for child labor. Yah, they
    didn't know they were using children to stitch shoes???
    After the Kathie Lee debacle you would think that they
    would be cognizant of this issue??? I am still very
    disappointed in the response from the VP of
    Marketing/Advertising when challenged about the stalker ad (Scott
    Reames??)...very aloof and abating. I see this company's senior
    management team as nothing more than a "Boys Club" totally
    out of touch with the moral and social concerns a
    company of their size should have. I hope other
    consumer/parents feel such as I, and are voting with their dollars
    about the direction of this company.

    PS- I was
    the first parent to post on the horrible Olympic
    ad... I had never been on this board until that time.

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