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  • nashflashsam nashflashsam Feb 28, 2005 7:07 PM Flag

    Howard Stern Loves Napster

    Howard Stern commercial for Napster. I wish Napster would work on my IPOD. I may have to get a new MP3 player.

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    • Jobs wasn't going to deal; with Disney either, but is now delaying action until Eisner leaves. He is flexible under the right conditions.

    • Steve Jobs may very well put the rent to own option into iTunes someday if it isnt too hard to make a "vanishing" apple song. Instead of hating everything Gates does, why not just think of it as a remote possiblity, instead of some evil that must be fought tooth and nail? I mean, let's get real here and not keep our heads in the sand. I hope Jobs is flexible. I think he is. Look at the flash player he put out after making a mockery of it a year earlier. I believe in Jobs and I think he is considering all options and hopefully not as stubborn and silly as some of these apple worshippors about what apple is doing. My bet that he is thinking about changing and adapting to the market and thinking of all the options, not just firmly holding onto the past or a set of rules that are unchangeable!

      GO JOBS!

    • > very well put, my friend.

      i don't believe the hype and am convinced consumers will get over the apple fad, which is why i'm short, unlike you. like the ipod and the shuffle, aapl is also overpriced. <


      Let Apple sales figures tell you the story. You don't need to believe, just open your eyes. The iPod is no passing fad, nor is the Mac, iTMS or Apple Stores. It is all part of the grand strategy to win back market share and revenues.

      See you at the 2Q'05 financial report.

    • Maybe you don't see the value in the iPod or the Mac, but I do. I bought an iPod based on what I know of the company and its products. Now I am well aware there are many other competing products, some probably better in some respects, but from what I've read (no hands on) nothing has yet to compare to the iPod, overall, for quality and ease of use. Now software is a big part of the reason why I think the iPod is the better product.

      If you are a stockholder (I am not now) and you feel as you do, you may wish to rethink the reasons you own the stock. For me I wouldn't hold stock in a company I didn't believe in, but you may put money before that, I don't know.

      Apple will increase market share in many computer markets including the home, in business and in education. I could care less if Apple never achieved the same share as Microsoft or Dell, that is not important.

      It is important that people have a choice, other than crappy products from Microsoft or Dell, and Apple offers that to customers. I'd be more than happy if Apple reaches a 10% share. Maybe that is insignificant on your value scale, but not mine. If they can do that they will be around for another twenty years.

      I could care less if people love Windows, that is their choice, but I see no value in using it. It's not worth the hassle for me.

      The iPod no doubt will not be around forever, what is? But Apple is doing very nicely with their products and strategy and that is what counts for me.

      Sell your AAPL stock, buy MSFT and DELL, it sounds like it is more your speed.

    • nice bullcrap rant.
      apple products are just better. you don't seem to appreciate design and aesthetic.
      at least you're smart enough not to be short with all this mo.

    • very well put, my friend.

      i don't believe the hype and am convinced consumers will get over the apple fad, which is why i'm short, unlike you. like the ipod and the shuffle, aapl is also overpriced.


      "goodness is the only investment that never fails" -thoreau

    • I would just like to preface this with saying that I do own apple stock, and I mean no disrespect, but why is owning an apple ipod cheaper than owning a dell dj? What does napster have to do with that? I am not sure I get the relation. IMHO, the apple ipod is overpriced. It's essentially just a hard drive. It has very limited functionality, and there are alot better options out there. Anyway who thinks differently, doesn't know much about technology. The ipod shuffle, is another overpriced piece. I find it funny how apple spins not having a display as unpredictable excitement. With that being said, the reason I own apple (stock, I would never own an apple computer) is because people are eagerly buying these items. I don't care why, but probably because they are just the "it" thing now, and apple products always look cool. But, apple gadgets are by no means gods gifts to technology. They are subpar at best. I honestly don't get the excitement, but I will take the returns. And apple is by no means the future of home computing. Anyone who believes that is abnormally delusional. You don't have to like microsoft, or pc's, but the fact is nothing is taking them down. It's just the way it is. Apple may increase market share slightly, but that will be short-lived once the hype is gone. You can honestly argue all day long that an apple is better than a pc, but in all reality, it doesn't matter. Betamax was a better format than VHS, but what did that mean. nothing.

      It also seems like the shorts on this board are simply trying to prove that they were right all along, and that apple will eventually drop. Maybe, probably, but who knows when. That can be a very expensive game to play. And saying "I told you so", doesn't really count if you are broke.

      That's just my option for what it's worth.

    • My wife and I share a 3G iPod 20 GB model. It came with the dock and a remote. So far, we have purchased Apple in-the-ear buds (for her), a Belkin FM transmitter for the car-home and a Griffin audio recorder. While not everything came in the original box, the add-ons were modest in cost ($29/$39) and do the job. I can see others looking for different configurations, so my point is, the iPod is flexible, adaptable and relatively inexpensive compared to other higher quality audio devices. As I've said, I see it as the "Swiss Army Knife" of audio players.

      The iPod will no doubt not meet everyone's needs anymore than say the PowerBook that I use will. But I can't think of anything that the iPod or the PowerBook won't do for me. I would rather have one a device (iPod or PowerBook) that is quality made to do what I need to do.

      I won't buy a Dell DJ, Gateway, Creative, iRiver or what have you to download from Napster or rent their music, nor will I purchase a Dell, HP or Toshiba laptop to run Media Player 10 to buy music from Walmart at 79� per song. It is not cost effective nor do those options offer anymore than what I have now.

      Despite all the so called "software" available for Windows machines I've deliberately stayed away from Microsoft products. I frankly don't need the headaches nor the frustration of using them or ownership problems.

      Apple offers a simply yet elegant experience and at a price I can well afford. No thanks, keep Napster and the rest, I'll stay the Apple course, it has severed me well and I didn't go wrong.

    • What makes Napster and iPod incompatible? I thought Napster and iTunes are just websites for downloading MP3s onto your PC. What does it matter what player you put them into?

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      • > What makes Napster and iPod incompatible? I thought Napster and iTunes are just websites for downloading MP3s onto your PC. What does it matter what player you put them into? <

        You are correct, Napster and iTunes Music Store (not the iPod) are just two different services but they are incompatible because is each based on different DRM schemes and the software does not support the other.

        The IPod music player and iTunes Music Store and software is written to work on PCs as well as Macs, and even Linux with a third-party app.

        Napster is based on Microsoft's Windows Only DRM and software called Media Player 10 only available for XP.

        I theory anyone could download a song from either Napster or iTMS if they had software that would strip out the DRM and convert the music file to a straight MP3. All standard MP3s are playable on iPods or Windows only MP3 players.

        If there wasn't the need to protect copyrights there would be no need for DRM and MP3 files would suffice. Everything would be compatible.

    • Howard Stern also thinks the government is out to get him, and that anyone who is funny on the radio is a "clone" of him. I wouldn't trust a word that comes out of the mouth of that hypocritical asshat.

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