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  • yahoo yahoo May 5, 2005 12:31 AM Flag

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    • The_Midnight_Bell_Has_Tolled The_Midnight_Bell_Has_Tolled Jul 5, 1999 2:57 AM Flag

      The way these know-it-all brokers hype on CNBC,
      they want us to believe the DOW is headed

      Luckily someone�s holding them accountable.....

    • listed as a "multi-millionaire". Glad to hear
      that he made it to the "billionaire's club". Sounds
      like PIXAR has been good for him especially with all
      the deals cooking with



    • Steve Jobs is worth approx. 1 billion. (thought you would like to know). He made most of his money with Pixar.

    • life is none of my business and it should be
      your's either. I've never made a decision to purchase or
      not to purchase based on the the integrity of their
      CEO. If that were the case who would ever buy a
      Microsoft product from Bill Gates or Dell from a
      slander-egotistical Michael Dell?

      You see "Forced Early" it
      just doesn't work that way. People buy on reputation
      and price of the product and how well it fits their
      particular needs and lifestyle.

      My current choice in
      computers are Macs for very good reasons. They are
      reliable, easy to use, more productive than Windows PCs I
      use and fit within my budget. Sure I could save some
      money when I purchased my new blue/white G3 by lowering
      my standards for a poor PC cheaper substitute. But,
      no PC made today regardless of price is as good as
      my Macs.

      And just a question. How sure of you
      of the management at Dell and Gateway? Everyone has
      a dark closet of secretes they don't want people to
      know about. Did you know Michael was making PCs in his
      college dorm room, against the school's policy to run a

      Yes, I think you ought to think this one through with
      more thought. Oh, good buy a Dell or Gateway, maybe
      another billionaire will be made. Steve Jobs is not a
      billionaire and I think he likes it that way, otherwise he
      would work for Apple stock and a big salary. He works
      at Apple for one dollar a year!

      How's early
      retirement? I'm retired early too. Guess industry doesn't
      what us obsolete people any longer!


    • Forced_into_Early_Retirement Forced_into_Early_Retirement Jul 3, 1999 9:10 PM Flag

      After seeing what a terrible person and
      non-father your current leader is, I will not even be
      considering anything with the Apple name on it. No support
      will be forthcoming for such terrible people that
      associate with those products.

      Dells or Gateways
      sound just fine, and their management seems to be
      responsible and credible people.

      You Apple
      shareholders are taking a big gamble putting your faith in
      such a person like this Jobs character.

    • I was single, making decent wages as an engineer,
      had money in the bank and time to do what I

      In that year I decided to purchase a new vehicle, I
      was interested primarily in the Ford Mustang as my
      dad had purchased a first-year '65 hardtop 289 V-8
      and had great luck with it. I saw that Corvairs were
      being phased out by GM (although I think they continued
      until '73 or '75, not sure).

      A friend suggested
      I take a look at a Corvette, knowing that I was
      single and probably afford it. At the time I went to the
      Chevrolet dealer to check it out. I think the sticker price
      was around $5,000 US, so I figured like most dealers,
      they would make a good deal on one. I figured I should
      pay about $4,500 US. Instead I was told I would have
      to pay $500 US more for it if I wanted one. I shook
      my head, said thanks and walked over to the Ford
      dealer. They didn't have what I wanted but said they
      could order it. A black convertible top with 289 cubic
      inch V-8, a folding glass rear window, a 4-speed
      transmission, power-disc brakes (first year), tan saddle
      interior, tachometer, upgraded radio, power top and a BRG
      (forrest green) paint job. The total with tax was $3,850
      US as I recall.

      I guess I am not a 'Vette'
      type of personality. I appreciate enough power to get
      out of my own way, more is excessive and a good
      handling vehicle with a decent ride.

      I always loved
      the Austin-Healey 3000 series with triple
      Stewart-Union downdraught carbs. A friend whom I met while
      taking the Army officer's exam in '66 had a brand new
      red one. We drove to Buffalo for the physical and
      testing and later to Syracuse for more testing and a
      meeting with an officer review board. It was great riding
      with the top down (summer) and it handled like a dream
      but let me say it road like a 'buckboard'. I think I
      wore a hole in the seat of my pants. He..he.


    • not for Corvair. Cosworth built racing engines,
      and built a four-valve -per -cylinder for the four
      cylinder Vega.
      The cylinder head temperature guage was
      stock on the turbocharged models, optional on the
      The Corvette was a rough riding, noisy, poorly made
      automobile. Beautiful, but useless. After 1963, didn't even
      have a trunk.

    • I always liked the more modern look of the '65
      models. I saw one a few months back and it looked like it
      fit in well with today's designs. The '64 to me
      looked like an inverted bathtub. He..he.

      (Bossworth?) name sticks in my mind. I am not sure if he
      offered a modified version for sale or whether he souped
      them up for racing. The 327 block was a historical
      market in GM's engine design. I recall it used in large
      sedans, the Novas and Corvettes.

      Lurker, I only
      had a ride in a 'Vette' once in my life, a neighbors
      and I remember well the experience. He set me back in
      my bucket passenger seat. Now that is

      As far a dropping a 327 block in a "Vair' I guess I
      must have missed that one. I've heard of Porche
      engines in VWs. Actually, design wise the 'Vairs' and VWs
      and Porches all shared a somewhat common design, air
      cooled, flat, opposed cylinders.

      I remember a
      friend at the Amublance company I worked that had a '63
      'Vair' two-door sedan with an aircraft oil cooler
      (radiator) that he said keep his car running cool. In the
      summer that was a nice feature. Also I think I recall a
      special head tempterature gauge installed on these souped
      up 'Vairs' You could almost fry eggs on those babies
      when they ran hot. You know, similar to frying eggs on
      those hot running Intel Pentium II/III chips.

      Whatever happens with Y2k will happen and neither of us
      will be able to change that. The news media are
      running a lot of stories about the Y2k problem in the
      states. Our power company yesterday announce that they
      are 100% Y2k safe. The airline industry said
      yesterday's paper is 95% Y2k safe. I'm not

      Take care,


    • Somewhere in my old hotrod magazines I have some
      articles on souping Corvairs, including dropping in a 327
      in the back seat. If I come across it, I'll let you
      Re: the discussion about Y2K, there is no reason we
      have to agree. We have both stated our opinions, so
      now let's wait and see what actually happens. I'm
      sure there will be surprises for both of

    • soop-up those earlier Corvairs (Don somebody I
      thinK). Yes, the 150HP and 4-speed (Hurst?) would have
      laid that '63 Falcon to waste.

      I've always
      liked a "tight shifter" with positive linkage to the
      tranny. We the 'Vairs' I think they used cabling and I
      always felt a certain amount of 'slop' in the

      All my British sport cars (Austin-Healey Sprite Mk.
      II and the two Triumph Spitties) and the '68 'Stang'
      4-speed. the '84 300-ZX (5-speed) and even this '95 XE
      pickup (5-speed) seem to have that precision for quick
      shifting that I enjoy.

      My wife wishes now that we
      got the XE in automatic, but I still love to shift
      Lurker, it's that kid in me. He..he.

      Moving on
      topic wise I am more than happy to leave the discussion
      of Y2k, Microshaft and IBM behind. Yet, I still
      don't agree with out on the impact. I really think it
      will have much greater impact on us all,


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