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  • equitease2002 equitease2002 Jan 15, 2006 9:27 PM Flag

    High end estimate

    Not a chance.
    $75 after the results.

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    • The insiders are selling to bagholders but I think theres problems coming that even the insiders are not aware of besides just the lawsuits.

    • Looks like a lot of people are returning ipods after Christmas, and returning defective ipods how does this affect the bottom line?

    • I doubt this falls below $40, but you might be right about a black monday.

    • Awww... That's so cute when they have do dig up 9 month old articles and post them as 'news'

      That one is from April 14, 2005.

      AAPL closed that day at 37.26. As of Friday, the stock has more than doubled since that old news was published.

      Gosh, that there news sure was the Trump of Doom for AAPL, huh?

    • So you want WU quotes? Okay. Check out the last sentence.

      American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu on Tuesday issued a new research report in which he said that 2006 "will also see a year of significant AAPL innovation and momentum. We envision more INTC Macs, content partnerships, a new iPod shuffle, a widescreen vPod, and AAPL extending its Mac and iPod + iTunes franchises into the broader consumer electronics space."

      Mr. Wu also looked ahead to Apple's earnings conference call on Jan. 18. CEO Steve Jobs already revealed during his Macworld keynote last week that the company had revenue of US$5.7 billion during the previous quarter, with 14 million iPods sold. He expects EPS will be $0.60 and gross margin will be 27.8%, with a March quarter outlook of $4.4 billion in revenue and $0.44 EPS.

      He thinks Apple will offer conservative guidance for the current quarter "to keep expectations in check. Moreover, AAPL just reported blow-out December quarter revenue results, making a tough sequential comparison, and the transition to INTC processors is not risk-free." Mr. Wu also speculated that the company's stock "could pull back on a potential knee-jerk reaction" to such news, "but we would be buyers on weakness."

      Mr. Wu reiterated his "Buy" rating on the stock, with a $101 price target.

    • Oh No! Thanks for the warning! I will sell at the open? NOT! You need to change your moniker to ( Dontknowwhentoholdthem-dontknowwhentofoldthem) Goodluck!

    • If the USA closes the border to illeagal immigrants it could greatly affect ipod sales.
      analyst Shaw Wu warns that the slowdown could happen as soon as the company's next fiscal year. That possibility is in stark contrast with investors' expectations, Wu says.

      Adding to Wu's concern: the average sales price of the company's Macintosh computers and iPod digital music players dropped significantly in its second quarter compared with its first quarter. Apple introduced bargain-priced products in each of those segments in the quarter that are probably cutting into sales of its premium products, warns Wu, whose firm does not do investment banking.

      "We are growing more concerned with slowing top-line growth," says Wu

      Its stock price has led some investors and analysts to argue that the company is overvalued.

      Also playing into the company's projected results are recent price reductions on the company's iPod digital music players, he said. Factoring into the projected decline in earnings, the company expects to see an increase in operating expenses.

      But stock options did skew some of Apple's results in the quarter. The growth in earnings per share trailed significantly behind overall earnings growth because of the added shares.

      While some of the gains where the result of the company's operations, some $287 million of it -- or 47% -- came from stock options exercises and the tax benefit associated with them

    • Black monday may come but even if the market goes up Apple is headed lower. It fell on very heavy volume thursday even with the market up. Today it closed at the lows. Charts say sell. Insider selling says sell. Markets say sell. Margins say sell. Next quarter estimates say sell.
      $35 will soon be a reality. ipods have spyware watch out.

    • Your out of your drug infested mind!

      Go to an Apple store... if you can sqeeze your McDonald's supersized girth of a frame through the door, you'll have to wait in a line that would require the patients of a LONG!

    • This overpriced junk can fall fast and hard when the stops get taken out on monday we will be in the $60's and lower into the $30's very soon. Jobs is dumping stock as fast as he can onto the suckers. Too bad the bagholder can't even get a dividend while they watch their money disapear.

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