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  • gapdownsouuuuuuth gapdownsouuuuuuth Jan 26, 2006 4:08 PM Flag










    i mean no harm.

    can't say i did not warn alllllllllllllllll

    may the smart ones make money

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    • You sound like a good person, but, don't have any idea of how your thoughts relate to the stock market.

    • <<<<<<<<<BH, what kind of rehab if you don't mind me asking, physical>>>>>>>>>>
      That's for my dad, who almost didn't make it with his last bout - massive infection in the colon, fixed with antibiotics which caused a major breathing slowdown, rejuvinated that with more drugs, which the combo knocked his stamina down. So after they glued him together (hospital cost = OVER $100,000) his is now in physical therapy for exercise and get some strenght back, but at 96+ it is a tough road. All my hours away from trading are spent WITH him. We were business partners from 1967 through 2000, so I spent 5-6 day/week at his side with no disputes of any consequence. That makes a unique bond that goes beyong father & son. We are as close to being "ONE" as relations could be. Side note, My mother worked in the office part time till she was 84, and my wife was the bookkeeper (NOT CFO - we didn't have titles like that back then) and office manager. One tight knit group. Also meant we could run the business and not worry about internal money control, theft, office slackards, etc. Everyone was looking out for each other, and that continues now that we are out of the office.

      Have a pleasant evening. And I will not hold Apple overnight, either way, at this point in time. After it hits rock bottom, the MOMO sentiment goes away, and all the hypers/pumpers throw in the towel, I will consider holding a small long position. Till then, anyone holding this overnight, again either way, should see their shrink!!!!!

    • BH.,

      No apology necessary.

      I knew that deep inside there is a way for every one of us to find a common ground. After all, good and productive relationship usually baked in the midst of an argument (sometimes even a sharp one). I may get crazy at times and call people names, but I really hate the to see when people that fell to the ground are being kicked. Granted, there are plenty of idiots on each side of the fence but there should be a way for us (traders / investors) not to fall to that level.

      Thanks for good word and tip on the NLY. I will take a look at it. I am currently contemplating an assault on GOOG but price levels really keeping me back. I will try to devise a strategy (perhaps a straddle of some sort) that will allow playing it more or less safe.

      Good night.

    • Okay - you just brought me back to earth. You are good at your "schtick".

      I get hyper (like hyperactive - not hyper=pumper) between trade and the boards are my steam let off.

      I have misread you. Accept my apolopgy.

      By the way, I am loading (have 10K alrerady) up on the short end on NLY for end of next week's earnings. NOW THAT IS A PIG, & if my numbers are correct easy 10%, or more, maybe below 10.00, drop on 8-K. Due your own DD.

      Good evening Sir dimkap. I'm off to the rehab facility - then spend some of today's $ on a "toy" on the way home.

    • Thanks! Faith in GOOG has certainly been tested recently. I noticed that a lot of stocks that do poorly on the day of earnings end up having disappointing results and drop more. Maybe it's just coincidence. I'll follow GOOG and think of a strategy this weekend.

      my friend is selling his shares before earnings (tuesday). just for whatever it is worth.

      i offer no bias to the stock--just wish i bought it earlier ;P

    • This may be a proper move giving the fact that company is extremely volatile. You can count on continuation of the trend you will see right after the numbers. I have not decide what I am going to do just yet. I will look closely on it tonight or tomorrow. I am leaning towards buying puts but this will depend where the stock is on the Eve of earnings.

    • Agree. It is. The tough part is to cut off the tie to the stock you still own if you have your mind set on the potential recovery. It's like a psychological challenge you've to deal with when you are kind of trapped into it. sounds fun? It is execpt it could cause heartattack, specially for someone whose nerve system tips on anywhere.

    • LOL...


      I just bust your chops mostly (like a fellow New Jersey neighbor, LOL). You are OK. Don�t take it too personally, I dove Gap insane as well for a bout a year ago until I started to see the certain things he pays attention too when he sets up the trade. I just ignore CAPS and he would not be the same without them.

      I never wish bad to anyone else or to loose money. I think we all have to work against the large fish. Dollars at the end of day, that�s what�s counted.

      You are not doing too shabby yourself. Plenty interesting information lately from you (like that Reuters link you have posted for Steve the other day)

      Just do ma a favor, don�t get nasty with Longs. They are VERY nice bunch on this board and even if you right on a trade, ignore the obnoxious statements �death too shorts, etc�. There are plenty of people here that know only one way of investing � Long Term.

      Good trading to you and health to your family.

    • my friend is selling his shares before earnings (tuesday). just for whatever it is worth.

      i offer no bias to the stock--just wish i bought it earlier ;P

    • btw, dimka, what are your plans for GOOG? i was considering waiting until the last moment and either shorting or buying as soon as I see the after hours price move.

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