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  • mumbo1204 mumbo1204 Feb 25, 2006 11:35 AM Flag

    Are Mac sales tanking?

    I know iPods are doing great, but seems like folks are perfectly happy using their PCs with their iPods.

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    • <You are the one driving the Jap Junk>

      Actually I drive German Junk aka BMW.

      <I have the American Made vehicles>
      Shhh! Someone might hear you.

      <I make my own>
      Out of Chinese parts?

      <The difference between you and me is that I want those smokestack industries to come back.>

      New Flash! This is the 21st century! We are not living in 1940 anymore!

    • Face it, buckless.

      You are the one driving the Jap Junk.

      I have the American Made vehicles.

      You have the Chinese made computers.

      I make my own.

      You are for the environutskies that chased all the manufacturing offshore.

      The difference between you and me is that I want those smokestack industries to come back.

      You just sit and whine.

      And whine.

      And whine.

      You have all the junk in the garage. That indicates that you can't clean up and start fresh.

      Super PCs

    • As soon as I can get one of those formerly good paying jobs Bush shipped off to China. Lee, the Chinese do AutoCAD you know. You can be replaced by someone making $1.50 an hour with vacation time or health care compared to your $5.15/hour. Think before you vote in 2008. Your job may depend on it. But 2008 is over 1,000 days away and a lot can happen here in the U.S. Be ware there, my little Bucko.

    • When are YOU going to put money in the market if you're sooooo smart?


      I forgot.

      YOU don't have any!


      Super PCs

    • Well, here's something to think about.

      If I had a working crystal ball, I wouldn't be reading this board, but I tell you what...

      this stock will only perform as well as the overall market (surely we can agree on that?). If the market takes a hit, aapl takes a hit. With so much geopolitical upheaval in the air (Iraq civil war, Iran nuclear pump-up AND MORE IMPORTANTLY the Iranian Oil Bourse opening in March where they will supply oil for trade in Euros vs Dollars, our out of control debt which we are relying on China, Japan and other foreign interests to subsidize, housing market poised to potentially crash vs. correct TO NAME A FEW), wouldn't it be prudent to set a lower limit at which you'll bail on ANY OF YOUR STOCK? And I mean anything...even gold?

      It's a new age of investing and the traders will skew the pps on stocks vs. any fundamental analysis you can do...why not protect your profits with an 'unthinkable' lower limit at which you'll bail? You don't have to confess it as it may show weakness in your bullish position, but why not set it and forget about it? If it gets executed it will be because things have corrected more than you think they should, but overall that philosophy will protect your profits more than any bullish attitude will.

      You could be 100% correct about the fundamentals of the company. I have only owned Macs other than the compaq pc which I am forced to trade on (which I have had to fix x2 in the past year) and am a BIG believer the computers (not the ipod which has failed me repeatedly). And even with that, I'm not a big believer in this current economy and I'm not a big believer in the projected growth needed to sustain and grow the pps of the company.

      Separate your love of the product from it's share price and you may find that you can set a stop to protect your profits. If it breaks your heart to do so, set a higher limit at which you'll buy back should it go up and a lower limit at which the stock is so undervalued that you're willing to hold it for a while (I don't think either of those prices are reflected in the current price).

      Anyway, good luck to you. I'm playing it both ways, although I confess I go short with a little more of a position than I'll go long with as I think we're skating on pretty thin ice re: the markets.


    • > Why do you think the short side traders are here?

      Well, are they traders, or are they planning on holding a position for a little while?

      See, the thing about day traders is that they go back to cash at the end of the day, and have no net effect on the flow of stock other than to provide intraday liquidity (and a nice income for brokerages.)

      If someone intends to make money shorting the stock on fundamentals, they'll have to have the intestinal fortitude to hold the position for several days, across news that alters the fundamentals, or they'll have to try and trade for after-hours crumbs.

    • You are the biggest idiot this board ever saw.

      I nominate you a King of idiots.

    • > I know iPods are doing great, but seems like folks are perfectly happy using their PCs with their iPods. <

      You can thank Apple for that mumbo. You see those PCs would be worthless pieces of junk with a iPod to make them useful. As long as they continue to download from iTunes and fill up those iPods people will still use them. And of course to play some silly assed PC shoot 'em up games that destroy one's remaining brain cells.

    • Hello tgh!

      Have been scarce on the board this week, and I kinda miss the poor lost souls. Their humorous posts are good for an occasional guffaw.

      Saturday night cheer to you!

    • aaplnow,

      One must remember that short sided traders are also short on brains, plus they are unemployable and have many hours to waste before the market opens on Monday. They have no friends. They have no "life" to speak of. They are the "lost souls" we hear so much about.

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