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  • katn150 katn150 Aug 6, 2006 3:59 PM Flag

    More volatility on Monday?

    Retraced up to close the gap down on Fri so it might sell back to the 200 this week.

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    • The analysis on that link is a joke. Here's the comment I posted:

      I'm sorry, but your analysis is mainly garbage. Your much-vaunted "death cross" marked on the chart is no such thing. A "Death Cross" is defined as when the 50-day crosses the 200-day AND WHEN BOTH ARE DECLINING. Clearly, the 200-day was still climbing, so there was no Death Cross, just deathly lazy analysis.

      Secondly, to say that AAPL bounced off the lows on no news is farcical. If you don't know why it bounced, you shouldn't be trading this stock. Hint: something to do with Apple capturing 12% of the laptop market following the launch of its new MacBook, just 4 months after it hit 6%. Second hint: something to do with AAPL recording a 43% rise in YoY revs/earnings, with a forward PE of just 20.

      Get the hint? Good lord.

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      • cantfigureitout4thelifeofme cantfigureitout4thelifeofme Oct 19, 2012 2:11 PM Flag

        Still you have those investors who will not research and do the "dd" then they wonder what happened, Like i said investors will get pummeled especially in the Tech Sector, AAPL, GOOG, FB, INTEL, IBM, MSFT and it has nothing to do with news, pr's, earnings, european turmoil, the Death Cross of 2012 is being confirmed.... Charts do not Lie, Do your research...

      • we dont know what the earnings are. Apple already came out and said the earnings cannot be relied upon back to 2002 therefore any analyst or news report that wants to discuss earnings is speaking madness and shouldn't even be listened to. The p/e or future p/e is immaterial at this point. Apple doesn't even know what their earnings are. The only thing we know is the unit sales.

    • it fell .83 below its 200 day. probing it. not good. we'll see what it does monday. if it falls below 64.94 or closes below its 200 day, then next support would be 58-61. There has been a runup from 51 in 3+ weeks. All those shareholders plus could get out.

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