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  • ivideofone ivideofone Jun 7, 2007 8:10 AM Flag

    Cramer the fool

    Cramer. He saya this one day, something else the next and on and on and on. He rolls the dice makes no sense about anything, and makes up #$%$ as he goes along on his show. Sell Apple he says last thursday, yesterday he says its one of the four horseman of the NASDAQ. Make you own decisions and stick to them. CNBC is the same. Yesterday it was gloom and doom, interest rates, Morgan Stanley get out of the stock market. Its all a bunch of #$%$. Today Citigroup comes out and says stocks are upbeat the next 6-12 months. Its like CNBC is trying to be a shorts cheerleader when they are usually not. Don't listen to the media but your own convictions and long term plans and forget about all the hype good and bad. If your plan is viable you'll be GTG history says that. JUST DON'T LET CRAMER MAKE YOUR INVESTMENT DECISIONS. REMEMBER DNDN, "BUY, BUY,BUY, or no SELL,SELL, SELL", yeah when it drops 60 percent overnight.
    He covers so many stocks in his portfolio thousands, between preparing for his TV shows, his life style, sleep, don't think these are all his opinions, he's just an obnoxious actor with some investment terms CNBC hired for entertainment.

    BTW: Didn't listen to him at all last week. Learned my lesson a couple years ago. APPLE to $125 at open, $128 by EOD tomorrow

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