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  • jimlaliberte jimlaliberte Aug 7, 2007 4:16 PM Flag

    This is a Pro's market

    I wish I could have the accumulated knowledge of all you guys on this board that know sophisticated trading techniques. Just look at the crazy moves today.

    It would be nice to be able to make some money here, but I just don't have the knowledge.....sure I'm not alone.

    Good luck to you guys that know all the nuances to take advantage of this whacked market. Go get 'em.

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    • Z - Thank you for the confirmation. Peace.....Jim

    • You are more than welcome, my friend.

      I think we got lucky and some very knowledgeable people have contributed. Even better, no arrogant jerks. Just good people.

      I'm learning a lot too. Thanks for the comments....Jim

    • yes it is.

    • The best thing is for a stock to remain range bound or go higher very slowly. On days when volotility in high (Check the ^VIX index), you cash in on max premium.

      This is what Wall Street does, they sell you options when they get the maximum premium for them and buy them back when volotility is low. The nice thing about options is that they work for you as the seller and against the buyer because time is on your side, not his. Time decay eats up the premium.

      It's a niceway to smooth out a bumpy ride. I do not sell options against my stocks all the time, only in volotile market conditions.

    • bullcrap...this is a pro manipulators market...this game is easy...its called HOLD, pure and simple...


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      • We all know that buy and hold is a good LONG TERM strategy. However, with such a whacky market as this, there are people making money on ups and downs.

        That was why I started the thread, to get some advice from those experienced in those areas. The easy money in this market is gone IMO. I would like to learn to do some other things besides just go long. It would be nice to make a bit more here and there.

    • Well, CSCO is doing fine. You could sell a September $32.50 call on your CSCO tomorrow. ORCL, I'd sell the $20 calls. with TWX, I'd wait for the stock to get closer to $20, not much premium in the $20 calls.

    • Bae - Will do and thanks.........Jim

    • Ah, I think I'm getting it, please confirm:

      1. If the stock goes to $139.99, your potential buyer is out $5 per share.

      2. At $145 he breaks even.

      3. If it goes to $170, you wish you hadn't made the deal, but still make $10 per share.

      Would this be accurate description of the possibilities? Thanks.....Jim

    • It's the most simple options strategy. Forget all the rest, that is for professionals who do this for a living.

      Selling covered calls is just a way to reduce risk but at the expense of upside. In the long term, you make a very nice profit. Yes, you can simply hold a stock, wait for your price target and sell it as well. I do a little of both.

      It's like renting your house. I buy a stock and rent it our every month. If I buy it for $135 and collect $5 rent this month, that's a fair deal. Part of my deal is to let you buy it for a fixed price of $140 no matter how high it goes within that specific time frame. I take some risk, but you take all the risk because the $5 you gave me will be lost of the stock does not go above $140 and it has to go to $145 just for you to break even. For me, I make $10/share in a 6 weeks if I sold you a $140 September call today and the stock is above $140 by expiration. It's a win/win for me, not so good for you.

      Show me something I can buy and get 5% return per month renting it out? If you are using margin, you should definitely think about selling a call option to cover your cost of margin. Even selling a $155 September call for $1.35/share would cover your margin cost and you make money all the way to $155.

      It's good business.

    • Bae,

      Maybe I'm just dumb, but I felt like I was reading Business Law from college on your last post......always had trouble understanding that!

      Can certainly appreciate the money to be made. You can understand why I want to are a perfect example of someone I would like to become like. Could make a living at this.


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