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  • jesterbunk jesterbunk Sep 29, 2007 1:53 AM Flag

    Getting videos onto the Touch

    Does anyone know how this is done? I know it has to be specific formats, but basically I'm wondering if and how you can use the available memory like a regular flash drive to fill up with videos, MP3's, or PDF's.

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    • Before we got Apple TV, I transfered our entire iTunes library to an external Firewire drive, so it wouldn't hog up a lot of the internal drive space.
      Then, I got rid of songs that were technically flawed (mostly from Napster! where you could hear they made mp3s from records, pops, scratches, skips and all!!)
      I also found album art for all songs, so Coverflow would look good! (and for DVDs...iTunes will download them free, if you have an account, and if they have that album....but Captain Beefheart's "Trout Mask Replica" ? I was on my own! I found Wikipedia to be a good source for album art, believe it or not!)
      So , now that I had gobs of space on an exteral drive, I put our entire DVD collection on it. How? (THAT was you original question! haha)
      I found on OSX there was a free program called Handbrake. I "upped" the quality a bit with some of the settings, and it takes a while to convert, and sometimes looks like it stalls at the end when it really didn't, and other times, it really does! "Godfather" was difficult. I think I excluded the final "chapter" which was credits...and it worked fine. If you only ever intended to view them on an iPod, I guess a lower resolution would work fine.
      We took our Apple TV, with ripped movies, to my pop's and viewed stuff on his Sony Bravia 40-something inch. looked great.
      On Windows, I cannot help you. Supposedly there is so much software available for windows, but everything looked limited, where you have to pay to make it useful, or full of ads.
      If someone could tell me of a good one, I would appreciate it though.
      Basically, if you can view it on iTunes on your computer, it will work on an iPod

    • You have to convert it in quicktime (there is a setting for ipod or iphone), then import the video into iTunes.

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