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  • nobuybwld nobuybwld Oct 6, 2007 3:12 PM Flag

    Stealing from the poor and giving to the rich

    The lower and middle class are being completely fleeced by this administration and the federal reserve. The hidden tax of inflation is growing class warfare bigger and bigger each day. The fed and the govt first propped up the real estate market by flooding the market with liquidity and lowering rates,which benefited those holding the most real estate assets, which in turn caused runaway inflation as the dollar sank in value..just look at energy bills, food, gas, housing costs, insurance. Now they are doing it again by flooding the market with liquidity to prop stock values. Basically those who own the most assets benefit from this policy, although everyone pays the price of maintaining the asset bubbles through the current 7-8% TRUE inflation, the wealthy more than make up for it through higher asset values while those with average to minimal assets get screwed. So next time you hear someone say the weathly pay all the taxes, let them know they are truley being fooled as inflation is causing the pain for those not wealthy.

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    • When Congress starts changing the laws to benefit big corporations, American workers lose. American Workers in this country at a all time low bringing us back to the days of the Robber Barons. Do a little research. Times were not good for American Workers back in those days.

      If you are "exempt" in the lowest echelons of so called corporate management who are a "free agent" and have no rights under the law except for workman's compensation if you are injured at work. Just try to collect sometime. You need legal representation and that is paid for by you. If you can't afford an attorney then you get no compensation. Big corporations don't believe in compensation. They give you the right to work. You have no right to work for anyone under the current laws. Think about that. It is a bidders market. If you can't compete in that market against someone with the skills of course you can't work either.

    • sorry all aapl owner are filthy rich and not very sympathic to your argument. i suggest that you post your comment at either or
      instead on a message board of apple millionaires.


    • This debate needs to move to another board!

    • You may or may not be right about everything and I do not intend to discuss or argue about it.

      My reaction is to not whine or complain about but instead to see how I can benefit from it. If the poor are truly being fleeced then I want to be on the rich side. So my focus is to get there rather to to bitch about how unfair life is on the poor side. Do you think they'll have pity and give you a token?

      We have the chance to live in a country where everyman has a chance to amass a ton of wealth quite easily and it does not take rocket science either, it just require focus.

      So whine if you want. I chose to play the game with the rule in place and do the best I can. I may not like some of the rules but I am a guest in this country so there is nothing I can do about it.

    • Hey, since you are worth "8 figures", why don't you help out some of the poor? You don't need all that money.

    • What we are witnessing today is the erosion of the Middle Class in America. At some point we will regress to a nation of the HAVES and the HAVE NOTS.

      Capital One is closing down here firing people and moving to cheaper quarters. They "exploited" the credit markets.

      American jobs are being off-shored to India and China. American Industry is closing their doors. Even the Chinese have to supply the military needs of the Iraqi Army. Boeing and their crowd are too expensive.

      The Chinese are well on their way to owning America. Now they want to own sensitive, security prone aspects of American Business Enterprise.

      I hope we all can learn to speak Mexican Spanish and love "communism" the Chinese Way.

      We are getting screwed.

      Thanks of course to the following people who helped to make it possible.

      Ronald Reagan, 1981-1989, Mister Smiles
      George Herbert Walker Bush, 1989-1993, father of the son
      Bubby Jobs Clinton, 1993-2001, son of a bitch
      George Walker Bush, 2001-????, son of the father

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      • Why'd you leave out the peanut farmer? His legacy is still being written (and it's getting less and less favorable).

      • I agree and disagree Mac. The shrinking of the middle class is true. But, it has been shown that many are moving up. Many are moving down also. I believe that some of it has to do with economic policy, and some to do with laziness in the US. In my line of work, I deal with a lot of people in the city. There is a lot of attitude out there that the gov't owes them something, even though they do not work or contribute to the system whatsoever.

        Many American companies are moving for different reasons. The corporate tax system at the fed and state level run businesses off. Corporate tax is just past off to the consumer. In effect, making prices higher, and product less competitive with foreign competition.

        The problems, of course, are much more complex than just this one thing. I have been in the "middle class" all my life. My father, brother, me, wife, inlaws, etc. have all worked hard and survived. The only people that I know that really aren't doing too good are the ones who do not want to work.

        I use to think similar to you, but once I got out interacting with a lot of people through work, and other things, I came to certain realizations.

        Go APPL

    • First of all, the US doesn't just "print money." Second of all, the same LIBS(and that is what you are) bitched that the mortgage and other lending companies wern't including the poor and minorities in the "boom" of the economy and real estate. Then they take on the risk. Then the deadbeats don't want to pay their bills. Then the same assholes bitch that it was "predatory lending."

      I was born into a household that grew up reeaaalll poor. My father worked his ass off just to make ends meet. I learned from my father's successes and failures. I was never handed anything. I worked everyday my entire adult life. I knew that I wouldn't be able to get ahead too quickly unless I invested. So, I studied how to do so on my own. Won some, loss some. Now I am doing alright.

      A lot of people with "more assets" got there by working hard and taking risks. And history shows us that the people with money are the ones who keep the economy rolling to ensure working stiffs like me and my father have and keep jobs.

      I get tired of people like you making it seem like people with a little money are evil and greedy bastards. Yes, the top 1% does pay at least 40% of the taxes. Corporate intakes have been at their highest ever. Around 60% of Americans either pay no taxes, or get back more than they put into the system.

      Get your socialist, liberal facts straight.

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      • Hardly am I a liberal, I am a libertarian and I do not like that fact that the federal government and the administration is devaluing the currency by printing money and yes they are printing money. I suggest your read a basic entry level book on how the federal resuerve can print money. Your sorry president George Bush is trying to bailout both Wall St and homeowners. Why is Bush raising FMA holding limitations. Why is the Fed devaluing the dollar to try and bail out the Wall St and the others who are levered up in CDO's. The Fed created the housing bubble and now the tax payer is left holding the bag of all those who were too stupid to read paperwork on the biggest investment of their life. WHy is Bush repealing taxes that the homeowner would have to pay in the event of a short sale. I am not saying people with money are evil. I am in my 40's and worth 8 figures so hardly I think wealthy are evil. The whole point is that the fed and the govt are responsible for creating first the housing bubble and now the coming stock market bubble. The whole point the republicans miss is that the higher inflation is in effect a heavy tax on the lower class and will create more and more problems. The Japs, CHinese and Saudis can pull the plug on the US party whenever they decide to quit investing in US Treasuries, when that day comes, which I hope never does, things will get ugly.

      • MacKooks is NOT a liberal. He is a Marxist with the state in control.

        All hail Marx and Lenin.

        Kooks is pissed because his lousy printing business did make him rich. The problem is that if you watch his style, he probably sat and bullshitted rather than worked.

        Then, he complained thinking that would get him somewhere.

        He is, by all definitions, a loser.

        Super Vista PCs

    • Whine, whine, whine. What a loser.

    • I disagree with you in regard to what the executive branch can do to affect the economy, especially in eight years.

      However, both major parties are full of dirty tricks and if you wish to stop the BS from the GOP, then also please do so with the Asses too.

      Here's the first steps to fixing the problems that government's dirty hands can and do cause from both sides of the Congressional aisle:

      1.) Term limits - two four year terms for Representatives, one six year term for Senators. Needs a Constitutional amendment which will take a lot of work to overthrow the evil azzholes that park themselves in DC and feed off of honest Americans' hard work.

      2.) Revolving door - Ban all lobbying activity of former representatives and senators. A minimum of 15 yrs in hard time federal prison for anyone breaking this law.

      3.) Flat federal income tax - government is inefficient and needs to quit trying to manage the economy. Everyone pays the same % with a base income where anyone below pays none. Same for business. NO breaks for agriculture, high tech or whatever the hell the gov't believes deserves it. You either make money or you don't. Keep my tax dollars out of business' till!

      Either suck up and do the right thing or just STFU about the government. I am doing my part to force the three steps above, what are you doing about other than bitching and whining on the Internet like a little child?

    • I'm totally agreed with you!
      Throw them out in next election

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      • Yes if pumping asset values via printing money were a way for a country to prosper in the long run while increasing inflation rapidly, then Zimbabwe's would be the best economy in the world as their stocks have generated the greatest returns. However when the unit of value (ie dollar) you are purchasing the stocks with becomes less valuable everyday you really are not becoming anymore wealthy, rather just keeping up with inflation gains. If the US would not have moved off the gold standard the dow would be valued at 1,000.

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