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  • thomasthecat69 thomasthecat69 Oct 11, 2007 9:46 PM Flag

    More to it then just BIDU

    does anyone believe that one negative opinion by a single analyst about one Chinese internet company caused a massive tech sell-off all at the same time?

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    • absolutely right this was an orcastration probably concieved by the filthy rich hedge fund people while they sat by the sea in the hamptons last weekend . 1 chineese company could not have put a dent in the us tech market like what took place today .

    • nope...

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      • I've been hearing nothing but continual reports about how much money the big money managers have sitting on the sidelines waiting for a pullback to but before earnings. And waalaa! Suddenly everyone sells off the best performing companies in 5 minutes? Walmart didn't budge negative and had good earnings. Legg Mason sold 12 million shares of AMZN which is more then 2 days of their avg volume. They still hold 60 million. Would be easy to pour those shares on to the market quickly and propel the techs down and take the proceeds and load up on call options at drastically lowered prices. Time for the big hedge funds to make back their enormous losses on the backs of the common shareholders. I see this as pure market manipulation. And stupid Cramer doesn't even say a thing.

      • I do. It happened in the Chinese solar sector when LDK had a bad rumor come out. All the others dropped like a stone alone with LDK.

        Happens ALL the time.

        Not much with Apple. So was a shock. But it happens.

        The thing that kills how all the shorts and bears are crawling out of the woodwork trying to fan the flames that really aren't there. Apple is on the verge of its best quarter ever.

        If Apple does go down because of panic selling on NO credible o man....the only thing that means is A BUYING OPPORTUNITY!

        Earnings are on October 22nd. It should be interesting to see what happens between now and then. If people sell tomorrow...others will start buying on the lower price. Apple is going back up to all time highs. IMHO. :-)

      • Yes.

        But there's no reason for it to continue. There isn't a bubble yet. The dow just reached the new high. The analysts have very high targets for Apple.

        RIMM and BIDU I can see going down some because they've been rocketing up after earnings. But Apple is reporting next week. Apple deserves the big 13 point gain in one day. Then it can have another 30 point drop.

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