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  • plmarion2000 plmarion2000 Feb 6, 2008 4:51 PM Flag

    sec to investigate shorting of aapl

    The SEC is useless . You should see the crap investors have had to watch on Ableauctions stock. The crooks don't hide anything. They actually have bashers that laugh about it. They sit there and sell small quanities at bid day after day. Numerouse people complain nothing!!!!!!!They went from IMMU to Vitx to AAC The retail investors are getting robbed

    Fire the SEC

    get a Sec that works for the people. This one operates like our corporate driven gov't. "We the people" are ignored while the billion dollar corporations (who are paying for the 2 front runners right now) make record profits. ((Off of the misery of we the people)). I wonder how the candidates feel about outsourcing America & this Nafta free trade scam that was pulled on the American public. Nothing is made in America anymore & they wonder why people are losing their houses. Ask Hillary if she still supports it? Bill was a big source in that movement. Bush just carried it out further. After all, they accepted donations from the Big$ Boys to win office. They want We the people to work longer hours with more pay. We are getting gouged from all angles.
    We need campaign reform fast only money runs only money wins

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