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  • tchair tchair Jun 21, 2008 4:44 AM Flag

    Cramer's next week's game plan.....

    he said next Monday market will be down as the monday following option expiration always is......Tue and Wed will be so so......then he said Thu everyone should close the door and hide.....something about market crashing. I believe this is he first time he ever predicted a bad market crash. Does he have inside info?
    Am I glad I sold all my aapl at 182 3 days ago.

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    • tchair,

      your boys have done absolute miralcles for our country,worst month ever in afghanistan
      were fightin iraq
      osamas in pakistan

      take a look at the dow chart over the last 8 years,and then the 8 prior

      look what happened after the yom kippur war(google it)i know youre not smart enoughto know about thereasons thje oil embargos of 1973 started then do yourelf a favor and look up ronald reagans solar policy...hows trickle down economics workin for ya...

      40 years of almost complete repulican rule-here we are. not that the dems are just as much to blame...
      we need change...wether or not its obama is yet to be seen.

      the corprotocracy experiment is coming to a trajic end.
      invest in countries where the global ecomomy is well understood,and they play well with each other...and your money will be fine,
      remember when the american politicians were joking that the euro was going to be a joke?

      Go rent a hotel roo in paris,milan,munich and then see life on the other side.

      youll do just fineif you invest in this correction of the shaghai index.

      Our gdp sadly will be surpassed sooner than you think thanks to Mr Reagan!
      and I dont evev want to hear the mr gorbachev argument.

      Gorbys the one who had the balls too stand up to the old part and tear down the wall...Reagan just made an impassioned speech...sound familiiar?

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      • tchair...fair argument

        You dont think that the timing of Israel practicing bombing Iraq during this current oil atmosphere was irresponsible and done with a hidden agenda?

        We need to get out of the israelis business and the whole middle east for that matter.
        Thats why my former post mentioned solar policy here.
        Your argument was the same one used for the vietnam war though"destablizing the region"

        I was on business in Vietnam two weeks ago...
        they have an ecomomy that is growing insanely.The middle class is growing not shrinking like here. Inflation yes.But remeber its all realtive in a global economy. a 10 cent mango or 13 cent that % 30 inflation really effecting people? Not from what I saw, what I saw was everywhere cell phones,flat screens,condos,hotels...its booming(hence me being there)

        Were we wrong to just pick up and leave that war,with our tail between our legs afraid of the communist vaccum/

        Look at your shoes,bet they were made in Vietnam,Thailand,or china. One of those destablized countries.

        PEACE...lets stop the killing. Of us and them!

    • ITS nice TO be LONG of CRAMER

    • Cramer is about to have the BIG ONE

    • He's got more bad calls than a drunken chimp with a loaded coin. Ignore everything he says and you'll be fine.

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      • Cramer usually is over bullish, if he predicts gloom for next Thursday, I'd better be prepared. With Obama taking over and taking the troop home without any reguard to consequences... prompting Isreal to prepare to defend itself, middle east can blow up anytime......I am selling all my long term positions and day trade waiting for the crash anytime now. Could be next Thursday!!!!

    • he also told you to buy lmc and nyx amongst countless other loseres...wake up google-sec investigation jim cramer

    • He didn't say its ALWAYS down

      He said its USUALLY down.

      and thats not true because if you go back 12 months only about 4 expiration Monday's are down days.

      Nice try

    • Do you got a link with cramer saying this?? If not what you say means nothen.......

    • "he said next Monday market will be down as the monday following option expiration always is.."

      Last 5 Monday's following expiration: Only Jan and Mar went lower after an initial pop:

      19-May-08 142.81 144.30 142.30 143.05 165,664,400 142.34
      16-May-08 142.86 142.87 141.61 142.66 204,236,800 141.95

      21-Apr-08 138.23 138.98 137.85 138.55 118,587,400 137.86
      18-Apr-08 138.94 139.56 138.26 138.48 218,530,600 137.79

      17-Mar-08 126.57 129.26 126.07 128.30 405,311,100 127.03
      14-Mar-08 132.77 132.81 127.78 129.61 484,687,800 128.33

      19-Feb-08 136.72 136.89 134.61 135.52 145,190,000 134.18
      15-Feb-08 134.50 135.22 133.91 135.14 154,110,300 133.80

      22-Jan-08 127.21 132.43 126.00 130.72 435,923,700 129.43
      18-Jan-08 134.74 135.02 131.10 132.06 348,561,500 130.76

    • he is dead right...for is very jittery with the continuing bad news from banks and inflation concerns. moreover, israel plans to attack iraq now.if that happens, expect 10,000 within a month and AAPL would be available dirt cheap then. Not that thats a bad option tho. i have looked everywhere and this is probably the best company in terms of present performance and future prospects...

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