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  • willygoat707 willygoat707 Oct 4, 2008 4:25 AM Flag

    WHAT is wrong with this stock?

    I did some homework, looked at long term charts, and buy at $107.50, which looked like a steal. Now, within the matter of a few days, it's gone down to $97.07!!!!!!!!!!!

    What kind of garbage stock is this? From $180 to this?

    I'm really disgusted. I've lost 50% on Yahoo in 2 years, and do this, thinking I'll be in the famed Apple; the famed stock that climbs close to 200, multiple times. Now this.

    Someone explain this to me.

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    • I'm sure it will go down even more. Look how many similar products came up, hearting IPhone sale. Verizon has the same kind of phone now...Nokia just released Iphone killer ( how they say it ) plus bad economy hurting retail sale and retail sale includes Iphone and computers. Especially Apple, which is quite expensive comparing to others. Try to play with puts - you'll make good money. I bought $105 November puts - sold it with %35 profit. Now my $100 November puts, which I bought on Friday morning, when everybody was so exited about this stupid bailout, makes already %30 profit too. It's good time to make money id you follow the flow..
      Good luck.

    • it's called stocks, they go up and they go down. If you can't handle it, you shouldn't be trading.

      oh yeah, be prepared for a stock market crash

    • It's a broken stock, not a broken company. Many hedge funds have been forced to liquidate to meet redemption demand, and AAPL is one of those stocks having been let go from portfolios. I suspect when the turn in the market happens it will be sharp as there is a lot of money now sitting on the sidelines watching as the financial debacle continues to unfold. Market action on Friday---selling into the morning rally---clearly indicating that there remains a substantial amount of uneasiness over the bailout which, I also suspect, will not have its intended effect until the housing market stabilizes. That's key: the housing market. All the rest is so much sound and fury signifying not much at least at this juncture.

    • Reckless behavior which cost the taxpayer 700 B. We need regulations to stop the reckless behavior and restore the investor confidence in financial system again. On CNN site some ass hole wrote that Steve jobs was rushed to hospital with massive heart attach which Apple immediately denies. I did not hear about FBI investigation. If some kid tried to go through the airport with water gun the FBI, CIA and NSA will be at the scene in seconds. Immediately they raise the terrorism code color to red. The news about Steve Jobs is terrorism with code red, but nobody cares. That why the confidence in the financial market went down to zero.

    • The stocks with the biggest gains and highest price tag the past few years must unfortunately be the hardest to fall. Speculators will be weeded out. I plan to slowly buy as it continues to fall. Strong support in the low 80's which is my next buy point.

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