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  • sirious_problems sirious_problems Oct 27, 2008 8:50 AM Flag

    HEY OBAMA....I've got a GREAT IDEA for YOU!


    why not just have rich (over 100k) people be forced to adopt poor people. Take the gov't out of the process. The rich would be responsible for sending their adopted family money, food, cars, etc... It'll save a lot of time and take out the thin veil of BS from your plan.

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    • Obama’s Credit Card Scheme Gets Noticed

      Monday, October 27, 2008 8:46 PM

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      The bloggers have taken off where the major media never started – at least when it comes to investigating Obama’s massive donor fraud.

      An op-ed in the New York Post Monday headlines “Dubious Donations: [O]bam[a]’s Web Site Invites Fraud.”

      The article notes that citizen’s have begun to follow up on Kenneth Timmerman’s earth-shaking report on Newsmax that exposed how “Obama Ignores Credit Card Fraud.

      Apparently bloggers have been using clearly phony names and addresses on Obama’s online and credit card page – and finding that Obama turned off all the credit card security features. Most merchants will bounce back a credit card order if the card number doesn’t match the cardholder’s name, address, zip code and other personal information.

      But Obama’s campaign doesn’t care and turned the software off. Newsmax reported the security features had been turned off during Obama’s heated primary contest with Hillary when he out-fundraised her with massive online donations.

      Now, evidence continues to mount that Obama’s campaign allowed donors to engage in massive fraud by allowing individuals to use a single credit card to make multiple donations – keeping their individual donations below the $200 threshold and never revealed to the public.

      But writing in the New York Post, Minneapolis attorney Scott W. Johnson reported that the Address Verification System (AVS) is used by the McCain campaign to screen all credit card-based donations against a searchable database of all donors, including those who fall below the $200 threshold. The Obama campaign still won’t reveal the names and addresses of its donors who gave under $200 – even though Obama says they donated more than $200 million to his campaign.

      Johnson reports that intrepid citizen investigators tested the system by donating sums using phony names – but their actual credit card numbers – on both Obama’s and McCain’s site. In every reported case, Obama’s campaign took the money while McCain’s didn’t.

      Johnson describes one test of an “enterprising citizen” who “went to the Obama campaign Web site and made a donation under the name "John Galt" (the hero of Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged"). He provided the equally fictitious address "1957 Ayn Rand Lane, Galts Gulch, CO 99999.

      “He checked the box next to $15 and entered his actual credit-card number and expiration date. He was then taken to the next page and notified that his donation had been processed.

      “He then tried the same experiment on the McCain site, which rejected the transaction. He returned to the Obama site and made three more donations using the names Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and Bill Ayers, all with different addresses but the same credit card. The transactions all went through. By Saturday, he'd reported that the transactions had all posted to his credit-card account.”

      Others have repeated the experiment with names like Della Ware, Joe Plumber, Idiot Savant, Ima BadDonation (with a Canadian bank card) and Fake Donor. In all cases, according to Johnson, the transactions went through.

      Obama’s campaign has “chosen to operate an online contribution system that facilitates illegal falsely sourced contributions, illegal foreign contributions and the evasion of contribution limits,” Johnson concludes.

      The result of all of this is the largest fundraising machine in U.S. political history, according to experts, one that not only dwarfs all previous political spending but also rivals the annual advertising budgets of companies like Apple, Coca-Cola and Microsoft. Obama’s campaign has raised more than $600 million – $150 million in September alone

    • Where do you live under a 100K???

      First off, the line Obama drew on taxes is $250K, and that is pretty rich regardless of where you live.

      I hate to break the news to you, the uneducated. But in a world where the growth is not coming from the U.S., trickle down economics WILL NOT WORK. Any tax cuts that flow to corporations and wealthy will be invested in overseas emerging markets where the growth is. That's just ECO 101, and good common sense. If you want to get this economy back on track, you need to put more money in the pockets of the majority of Americans which is where the marginal propensity to consume awaits.

      No charge for this economics lesson.

    • HA! Precisely me friend!

    • Why doesnt Obama simply pass a law that says everyone gets the same salary.......CEO or trash man, doesnt matter.

      That would solve his "income redistribution" philosophy.

    • Are you looking for someone to adopt you?

    • You don't get it moron. With Obama's plan, the rich won't need to help the middle class, because the Obama economic plan will. If you have a problem with the wealth gap closing, there is a new country awaiting you...Saudi Arabia.

    • Why not just let the banks fail.

      Why did you support the "socialist" bailout.

      See this clip (the real straight talking McCain before his recent transformation)

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