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  • fredinpenn fredinpenn Nov 17, 2008 1:48 AM Flag

    Everyone In China Is Using Windows!

    Well the Vista is great. No problems with you updating your system, spyware is a thing of the past and so is worrying about the viruses.

    64-bit is here and parrallel processing gives a boost to the old bus. Mid-range computers are at your fingertips with many experts developing for those applications. (Blow)job will have to come out with a new product quickly to keep the consumer from worrying about his/her job while the regime starts spewing propaganda over the airways (internet) highway.

    It's already started. They try to give you the impression that Hitler was an extreme right. No, he was an extreme left. using the radio at that time to constantly announce propoganda. Not telling the right hand what the left was doing.

    The Fourth Reich of the GM unions is marching soon. Tracinda needs to get ready to buy GM after they file chapt 7. Same thing happened to LTC, now ISG --> Raiding the pension fund will be number one by the gov't and replacing that with the state guarantee pension fund.

    Meanwhile GM employees just got hit with a baseball bat and still don't know what happened.

    Here comes Monica Lewinski to do obamama in the overall office WITH MICHELLE>

    Most people won't know what I'm saying anyway.

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