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  • impartialanalyst impartialanalyst Dec 18, 2008 7:45 PM Flag

    Cramer recommended Bear Sterns @ 60 3 days before they

    went under. unsuspecting investors have lost billions because that scumbag

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    • Cramer's just like the rest of 'em. Sadsack!

    • Stop haten on Cramer, where u stupid enouph to by stock in Bear Sterns?? If so, then it's your own falt, as an invester you know the risks, you should make your own decitions and you are the only person that can be blamed if you loose $$$ on a stock.

      If you where not stupid enouph to buy any Bear Sterns stock, then why do you care? Why are you even listing to his show, or reading his blogs. By quoting him or even wrighting about him; you spread his name & fame.

      So,to be agenst him, stop talking or listing about him; so he doesnt even exist for you, that way you will never be stupid enough to do something someone else tells you to do with out doing your own resurch, technical analist; check out cash statements and ect.

      But when you blame others for your own mistakes, then you will never learn from them, because in your mind its someone elses fault.

      Admitting your mistakes helps you lern from them, why did I fail? What should I do not to repeat that mistake? Not I bought 100 shares of BS and lost 90% of it, all because I listend to Cramer!!

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