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  • us_army_airborne_sean us_army_airborne_sean Jun 14, 2009 9:50 AM Flag

    APPL still a good buy at this price?

    That's kind of failed logic. I'm sure in 1995 Microsoft seemed expensive and then it went on to split thrice over the next five years. The same can be said for McDonalds, and countless other large cap companies out there.

    I'm not looking to invest in a get rich quick scheme. I'm more or less looking for a stock that will reap the benefits of steady, consistent, long-term growth.

    I haven't posted before on Yahoo financials before. But thus far it seems full of long and short cheerleaders instead of having sound, rational discussions.

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    • Then didn't you just answer your own question?.

      Is there any doubt about Apple being a best of breed company? Not in my mind. I personally wouldn't be adding to my position after this huge run up but would like to see a moderate pull back. Have you considered averaging into the stock instead of going all in at once.

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      • us_army_airborne_sean us_army_airborne_sean Jun 14, 2009 12:05 PM Flag

        That's really my only concern. I have confidence that Apple is going to continue to grow and the stock continue to rise. My only concern is how far the pull back will go before it starts going up again. I really don't mind losing 5%, maybe 7% max before it ticks up again.

        I just don't want to start my long-term investment 10% or more in the hole.

        I just looked at the chart again and I see that it began to dip after peeking at $132.71 on May 5th it dipped and had a huge rebound - and now it's having a pull back. But now at $136.97 it's almost back to the March 5th price.

        I'm leaning toward a buy tomorrow.

    • It is not just logic, it is fact. Since you are asking for opinions so I gave you one. If you want to chase after high-flying stocks, be my guest, it is your money, but I wouldn't, not even with my worst enemy's.

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