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  • thomasthecat69 thomasthecat69 Jun 23, 2009 8:42 PM Flag

    investor_relations PG 2

    The spectacular success of the iPhone 3GS has been completely overshadowed by Mr. Jobs lack of candor or lack of good judgement in deciding to make his secretive less-then-grand entrance back to Apple to make a verbal announcement. An incredible success where Mr. Jobs has decided to return via the backdoor instead of triumphantly through the front door with bright lights and accolades. I for one am not entertained by your decision to continue with this personal shell game and am in fact considering a lawsuit due to your LACK OF LEADERSHIP and breach of fiduciary duty. It would be an incredible shame if after all you have contributed to the company that your actions result in the destruction of the company financially due to shareholder lawsuits caused solely by your actions.

    I will give you this Mr. Jobs, if your measure of success is based on how much media attention you can personally obtain, then mission accomplished brilliantly. However, as you may not be selfishly aware of, success of this company is based on dollars and performance for the Owners. I'm sure you will agree that if this company was having the misfortunes of GM, your antics would have resulted in your personal expulsion many years ago.

    Make no mistake about it, my utmost congratulations to Apple on the success of the iPhone over the weekend. We do appreciate that. But as Owners of the company, the financial success of the iPhone 3GS has been completely negated by your foolish decision to hide in the shadows and leave speculation to 100% undermine any positive results of this historic achievement. This Mr. Jobs is where you have completely failed in your fiduciary duties. Due to your current actions, it would truly be unfortunate if in the future Apple is not remembered for the brilliance of Steve Jobs contributions to technology but instead written about in both business and technical textbooks and journals as to your childish gamesmanship that undermined for YEARs what the company was accomplishing and possibly resulting in your own personal bankruptcy due to shareholder lawsuits.

    In closing Mr. Jobs if you cannot set aside your own selfish ego and act like a LEADER at the FRONT of Apple, then you should announce your immediate retirement, hand over the reigns to someone who isn't a distraction to the success of the company nor a hinderance to the well-being of the Owners, and gracefully exit.

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