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  • jaquecroissant jaquecroissant Oct 10, 2009 11:20 AM Flag


    We can see the start of the slow and gradual death of Apple. Competition creeping and doing it good old thing. Its just regression to the mean....It happens to all growth stocks.....A little bite hear, then another hear...chomp chomp. Finally it's back to average. It's just capitalism, nothing to be afraid of friends haha...

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    • call the Munster...

    • Hey punk!!! I think you should learn how to spell junior before you attempt to post a comment to which any schooled person might assign some creditability. Last time I looked "hear" was used to describe what one "hears" when one listens. I believe you meant to write "here" as in "here and there", or a "little here, and a little there." That said, you are clearly an illiterate, juvenile moron, so good luck with your life punk.

    • I don't even think you know what an economic moat is. There's a reason Macs sell at higher prices than most PCs; Ipods sell for more than whatever other MP3 players cost; and that people left their carriers to get the Iphone, which just won the JD Power Award for best smartphone in both the consumer and business smartphone categories.

    • nerak_nop Oct 10, 2009 2:35 PM Flag

      I think this guy sold at 181 or 182. I don't know what he's saying. Someone on this MB aptly described "bashers" in general: AAPL may be at frothy levels, but there's a party going on. If someone who is bashing doesn't like it ... there are plenty of other parties to go to. There's forex, commodities, indices, and plenty of other stocks.

      This situation is as if I had a party and wanted everyone to celebrate and be happy, and some guy comes in and says nasty things about my house, my children, and my wife to my guests. Firstly, he's on my driveway and he said these things to my guests as they are coming into the house, and then he follows them into the house and says the same things, what kind of guy is that?

      On top of that, the people I invited to my party are nice people. And of course, they try to make him feel at home and try to convince him that the house that I own, my children, and my wife, are really not that bad. You guys must have good steady day jobs, and are not here during the trading hours. If you did, you would know that "jacques" has already sold his shares at 181 or 182. And for some reason or other, he hasn't decided to go to another, and maybe much better party that awaits him.

      If you're long on AAPL, and you have any qualms about AAPL at this level. "mac_king" offered a good suggestion. He said buy a debit put spread 190/175. For those investors who aren't familiar with options: if AAPL doesn't reach 190, you have the choice to sell your shares at 190 and if AAPL "fills the gap" between 175.65 and 177.88, you might be able to purchase the shares back at 175.

      Frankly, I don't know who's worse: someone who says that AAPL is going to return to 100 or someone who says that AAPL is going to 300.

      My concerns are that AAPL did not go up afterhours as much as I expected. Another concern is the MACD. It's not picking up as quickly as I would like. Maybe it's because there were large blocks traded during the week and sometimes these large blocks are traded at slightly lower prices which can dampen the MACD enthusiasts.

      Nevertheless, best of luck to you all. As one individual on this MB puts it: "You've waited 2 years for 200 ... what's another week. It will be something you can tell your grandchildren about." Best regards, again.

    • You been reporting for lies against APPLE. I suggest you move on before the F.B.I. knocks on your door.

    • I remember when Microsoft and Windows CE was going to own the cellphone OS space. Whatever happened to that huge threat? Google is big, but not a guaranteed success in this space.

    • iPhone has a significant moat that is growing larger by the day. If you can't recognize that moat, then you are simply blind.


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