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  • kingoogal kingoogal Dec 7, 2009 10:27 PM Flag

    Great AAPL Gamblers -- DEC OE

    =Dec 07, 09
    I have not gambled in this CASINO for a long time, and feel like i am late to the party!

    why am i here?
    because i see 4 strikes where CALL VOLume >> present OI meaning the gambling was very heavy
    here is how the key gambling tables and the CASINO looks like

    max call~~~~~~~200
    max put~~~~~~~180
    max pain~~~~~~~200
    max oi~~~~~~~200

    max call~~~~~~~51,576
    max put~~~~~~~39,898
    max pain~~~~~~~71,573
    max oi~~~~~~~71,573

    Total Call Vol~~~~~~~105,218
    Total Call OI~~~~~~~221,242
    Total Put Vol~~~~~~~73,276
    Total Put OI~~~~~~~207,791
    Total OI~~~~~~~429,033

    Here is how the stock has closed on OE FRY-DAY of past several months

    me thinks-----
    the stock is ready to turn direction from here and that is why more betting happened on CALL side today..

    lets watch for changes in Open Interest tomorrow morning

    a strangle position in early morning looks good to me

    Comments, suggestions on Gambling hard earned money in AAPL CASINO are welcome!

    Good luck to all!

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    • GS will crush this stock next week. i would not be long this puppy unless some downside protection.LOL

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      =Dec 16, 09

      This time around the fight is for 195 strike! if Mr BB says nothing, market will take off

      AAPL will be pinned @200 +/- 0.01


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      =Dec 13, 09

      if i understand your question,
      you need open interest data of all strikes in DEC ROOM after NOV expiration...

      unfortunately, i did not keep track of that this time around because of confused state of mind i was in last month....

      on the GOOG message board, i have a friend who can give you that information...
      please check for message thread
      "Today's Numbers **** Dec. 09 **"

      his profile id is "thecourtjester99",

      CJ and I operate on same wavelength when it comes to OI changes!!!

      Good luck!

    • Hey King,

      Do you have the OI in Google for the period before November OPEX?

      If so can you share?


    • =
      =Dec 13, 09
      here is what i think is going to happen by looking at number below

      max call~~~~~~~200~~~~~~better not cross this CALL WALL of CHINA
      max put~~~~~~~180~~~~~~~hit the delete key
      max pain~~~~~~~195~~~~~~possible
      max oi~~~~~~~200~~~~~~~~laser guided bomb to land at this strike

      max call~~~~~~~47,105
      max put~~~~~~~37,247
      max pain~~~~~~~47,296
      max oi~~~~~~~67,258

      The pochers have done their job of selling 200, 210 calls to newbees coming into CASINO,and have left them bleeding on the floor, and newbees have not closed positions in hopes of winning big!

      In coming days we should see huge swings in AAPl stock price, however the price moment will not be enough to make any big moves in >>200 call prices.

      u must treat tomorrow's open price as your cost! when doing the math

      The first hurdle is 199.88, followed by 202.77.

      Here are Prof Israel's golden rules for the options dirty game:

      1. Moderation
      2. Spread spread spread
      3. gain or loss by certain %, close position
      4. Use plenty of 4 letter words for the manipulators of CASINO

      Remember AAPL is a popular CASINO visited by thousands of gamblers every day,
      gets talked up/down on popular shows on the tube
      Tracked by many pimp houses on wall strip
      recommended by many options wiseguys on wall strip


    • =
      =Dec 11, 09

      max call~~~~~~~200
      max put~~~~~~~180
      max pain~~~~~~~195
      max oi~~~~~~~200

      max call~~~~~~~47,105
      max put~~~~~~~~37,247
      max pain~~~~~~~47,296
      max oi~~~~~~~~~67,258

      Total Call Vol~~~~~~82,403
      Total Call OI~~~~~~230,360
      Total Put Vol~~~~~~~62,849
      Total Put OI~~~~~~~210,279
      Total OI~~~~~~~~~~~440,639

      The goal is to cross 200, why are we not crossing this wall?
      who is controlling this stock?

      i think 2-day we should go past 200, then watch the fireworks


    • =
      =Dec 09, 09 night

      Boys and Girls,

      Hope you all made lotta money gambling in the AAPL CASINO!

      The CASINO continues to attract huge bets on CALL side
      the key gambling tables to watch are


      i will say this again if we cross 200--- there is no prayer for shorts!

      Absolutely no PRAYER will save shorts!

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        =Dec 10, 09

        looking at above changes in OI and the fact that there are 8 days until DEC OE
        The upward march should continue today!

        AAPL needs to go above 200 and once that happens there will be PANIC---SHORTS will do following
        1. order Buy to Cover
        2. @Market price
        3. Click

        Unless they manage to get folks on the tube to talk down the stock!

        There is no prayer for shorts if AAPL crosses 200!

        Happy Gambling your hard earned money in AAPL CASINO!

    • This Entire Market is the World's Finest Gaming Table...

      You are The Boss...Stack the Chute and Polish the Dice.


    • AAPL is making a good move so keep it in your watch list.

    • Hi King.........

      Hope all is well at your end. Thanks a lot for a good insight. Missed your posts for a long time.

      I have AAPL Jan 210 and Dec 200 call and have taken a huge beating. It would be nice if we can change the direction from here on. You think it will run over 200 this week?

      How about Goog? Any thoughts?


      • 1 Reply to mail2ts
      • =
        =Dec 08,09

        sorry to hear about your situation

        but looking at changes in OI, i will be a big dumb to say that AAPL will continue to go down
        may be another intraday low to get shorts excited but up we go from here!

        STRK~~~~CALL OI~~~CALL OI~~~CHNG~~~~~PUT OI~~~~~PUT OI~~~~~CHNG
        175~~~~~~1434~~~~~~1260~~~~~~~174 ~~~~~24998~~~~~24561~~~~~437
        180~~~~~~5440~~~~~~3572~~~~~1,868 ~~~~~41038~~~~~39898~~~~~1,140
        185~~~~~~7543~~~~~~5329~~~~~2,214 ~~~~~36048~~~~~34979~~~~~1,069
        190~~~~~12560~~~~~~9174~~~~~3,386 ~~~~~26136~~~~~25484~~~~~652
        195~~~~~21606~~~~~18019~~~~~3,587 ~~~~~20893~~~~~21623~~~~~(730)

        if you can sell puts,
        take that premium from 180 puts and use that to buy 180 calls

        Good luck!

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