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  • defeatsocialism defeatsocialism Dec 23, 2009 6:51 PM Flag

    Obama Spending $4,000+ A Night In Hawaii

    Air Force One flies over N.Y. to take photos of the skyline and Statue of Liberty wasting a few hundred thousand.

    Takes Air Force One to N.Y. to see play and eat dinner.

    Spends more time golfing in his first year as President than Bush did in his last 4 years.

    Tells his cabinet to cut $100 million, that's right $100 million not billion, from their collective budgets.

    Spends majority of his time on the road campaigning instead of back in the White House working.

    Appoints 30+ Czars to do his work since he's always traveling and playing golf.

    Going on 2 week vacation in Hawaii and spending $4,000 a night on house, PLUS renting two other houses for friends.

    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    Now picture what the media would be saying if George Bush did these things while President in the midst of a severe economic crisis with unemployment over 10%. When Bush went golfing, the media was all over him like flies on shit complaining about his priorities. Not so for their affirmative action President dubbed by some as the liberal's "annointed one" or "second coming."

    The media tells us he's so intelligent and articulate, yet he relies on teleprompter for all of his speeches much more than any former president. When he doesn't have his teleprompter, he often flops and says stupid things. Can you imagine if a Republican Senator with no experience to be president and people questioning his citizenship stated there were 58 states in America and he had already visited 57 of them? He would have been automatically disqualified, and the media and commedians would be making fun of him every day and night for months.

    Thank God Americans have finally realized what a huge mistake they made with this guy as reflected in Obama having the lowest Presidential approval rating versus any other President at this point of his presidency.

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