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  • stever27 stever27 Jan 26, 2010 3:56 PM Flag

    This anti-Obama crap needs to stop...CNBC and FOX are

    destroying moral of the market and the country. Respectful disagreement is one thing, but these vitriolic attacks on the President are not the actions of a patriot. You can almost sense that CNBC is parading out the "doomsayers" to try and hurt the Obama administration. These "pundits" are from my generation and it makes me embarassed to be a part of it.

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    • ... and Bush got bashed for it too.

      What goes around comes around.


    • I mean do you really want the f#%king republicans in power again: the ones who spent trillions on wars that were never part of the budget,took away constitutional rights including habeas corpus,spying on Americans, tortured prisoners, and brought us sarah palin . give me a break folks. you really want their anti-american rant anymore. Are you really proud of how the republicans have acted with all their hate and vitriol and did not even pretend to govern this country. The republicans are poisoning the atmosphere in this country and it is demoralizing our citizens. They only want power and money and they are corrupting our values/.

    • totally agree Starting to sound the the fox noise machine pricks are completely disconnected from reality as they are all caught in the echo chamber of wall street crap.

    • Keep smoking that sh*t Jamie, otherwise you might have to see reality. I lived around Chi-town for 40 years, longer than you have been alive. The best thing I ever did was get away from there. Something tells me you work for Czar Daley. You Chicago Democratic Machine people would fit perfectly in the Kremlin.

    • I agree, right wing vitriol is way over the top. My mother told me not to listen to blow-hards which remains about the best advice I've ever received. I don't watch fox tv, whatever it is it's not news.


    • Mr Buzz-sapien---if it were not for this war--you would be living under Islamic rules eventually---i should know how they operate--ask anyone from INdia.

    • amen!!!

    • As an independent who was fed up with Bush, I voted for Obama. Though personally STILL popular, he has proved that they he is like any other politician who will say and do any thing to get elected and then loose touch with the reality.
      Health care reform has been a pork laden bill and a flop. He campaigned that people can not afford health care and now in this monstrosity called health reform, there is nothing to bend the cost curve and all lobbyists were involved in crafting it.

      He was cosy with the bankers but when he lost MA Senate seat, he hammered the bankers and spooked the markets causing huge losses to small investors and the entire market. His immature act has collapsed the stock market, and the sentimen is going to transfer to main street where people will be reluctant to create new jobs. Unfortunately he lacks the real life experience to handle this job or the economy. Lectures and speeches are ok..but he is losing his shine.

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      • gary you are so right on - Obama would lose by a landslide if the election was in November.

        He so blew this "mandate" ... pitiful, a joke. So many people I know who voted for him are 'scared' of what he is doing ----- not that they/we / i aren't upset with medical costs and insurance cost all that ... we are .. but his method of dealing with things is arrogant, wrong-headed, vengeful, and leads no where. Pig headed too. As a younger person.. i see arrogance .. with his age getting close to 50, he should grow up ............ he is clueless on what we need and how to get there ........ smooth talking smiling like Tiger Woods does not play out in the long run - people want to see what you are actually doing and not blaming the other party, Bush et al ...... what are you doing to change things around.. his "change" is old partisan same old same old look the other way slime

      • obama is nothing more than a community organizer who is also a socialist.

        I will not put capitals on Anti-American people as he is.

    • how do you know what i have and haven't done? love that you can trash a whole city, it's people, it's culture so easily--but then again you're just a red neck, southern, good ole boy, btw getting your ged and going and taking a couple of history classes doesn't qualify as 3 degrees in history--seeing the world as a soldier, cutting off heads, now there's a response to the reagan troubles? let me remind you--very low approval rating in early years, terrible economy, closed busines/manufacturing, high unemployment and the infamous crash of the stock mkt in 1987, you convientently forget those..let's see you must have coming thru your teen yrs (if your bio of being 45 is accurate) you had a great grasp of what was going on, what a joke....go back to fox, get your next history degree and wait for history to put george bush on the best president's ever list....must say i do get a good laugh out your kind of intellect...

    • I try not to respond to ignorance, but Obama's birth certificate has been produced by his administration and the State Of Hawaii. Plus the Newspaper that announced his birth. That's a fact.

      Whoever told you otherwise is misleading you probably on purpose. You ought not go back to them for information if they are misleading you.

      Wake up folk, quit believing everything you hear.

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