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  • aschmalenbook aschmalenbook Jan 29, 2010 8:47 PM Flag

    iPad Will Revolutionize the Household!

    What I don't think many understand, beyond the standard negative rhetoric (which always accompanies great innovations)... is APPLE does not release anything without making it the best on the market. Sure, we have a few months to watch the ups and downs in the market value ... but all we have to do is sit tight and watch as the iPad becomes the replacement for the physical daily newspaper, the favorite bathroom novel, the opening up of a family photo album and more. Now, all you'll hear is how bad the iPad is... but what is the alternative?... the Kindle?... HA! Just wait and be content to know you and your investment will come to fruition!

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    • Don't you think they'll be ALL over hospitals too?
      No brainer!

    • bobup28 Jan 29, 2010 9:48 PM Flag

      Why would I buy this?

    • Besides the immature rantings of the geaks and omni-present debbie downers of the world, this is another marketing home run by Mr Jobs. Sleek as they come... As far as the plunging price, just think mutual fund manipulation, shorts, and nervous-ninny retail 'holders running scared. Stop losses shoulda been taken down or never even started on this gem. Hold aapl tight, dollar average down on your cost per share as (if) the price falls and eventually delight. Hmmmmm... No debt, billions in cash, innovation, outta this world earnings,... And, yes, go out and get that iPad and revolutionize your den, living room, deck, furnished basement and the like.... Only way to lose, really, is to sell and, of course, stick with a BB, IBM clone "pc" and/or Kindle.

    • Regardless of the products functionality, as a stockholder Im only interested in one thing... the stock value increasing. When the stock falls after showing another record quarter and the release of this much anticipated product, you realize there are other forces in play and its time to pull out to wait for some stabilization.

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      • I hear you. I too am a stock holder and in for the long haul. It is just intriguing to see so much worry about such normal fluctuation in price for something that has the potential of revolutionizing the way we will one day sit in our living room and relax reading the news or surfing the web without being toggled to a laptop or a desktop. What is it that everyone does not understand? It's in the future... maybe with a few innovations needed along the way... but it is the first step to embracing our future.

    • "best on the market" iTurd. I prefer to flush mine at NO cost.

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