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  • bear_cubster bear_cubster Apr 29, 2010 8:01 PM Flag

    Before you blow $1200 on an iPad check this out!

    So much for the courier, shelved before it even hit stores. Cancelling this is actually the smartest move MSFT has made in a while. I mean seriously, do we really need yet another e-book reader/journal like device? With the Kindle, Sony's e-book reader, Barnes and Noble's e-reader, the I-Pad (of course), and who knows how many others, this market has grown saturated and competitive. Amazon made the first big splash in this market with the Kindle, but this device already seems dated and old technology-wise. I mean why would anyone spend big bucks on a device that can't really do much compared to an I-Pad that could do so much more for about the same price? Plus where the F did you get $1,200 from? The I-Pad starts out at $499 for a 16 Gig model (which is more than enough memory for about 95% of its users). Heck my $299 32 Gig I-Pod touch which I can surf the internet on, text, play games, music, videos, etc. is a much more sophisticated device then a crummy e-book reader. The courier made no sense, how would you watch a movie/TV Show/You Tube video, etc. on it? You would have to either use only one of the 2 small screens or watch it on 2 screens with a big giant split in the middle (either way...totally lame). It probably seemed like a good idea at the time the Kindle was getting popular but MSFT smartly realized that the e-book reader market's 15 minutes is almost up.

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