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  • kenneth1000young kenneth1000young Apr 11, 2010 8:28 PM Flag

    Is it too late to get in?

    Is it too late to get in the market and buy? Is it too early to start shorting?
    If you missed the impressive rally of last 10 month from March, and not sure what to do now, read on...

    Screenulator is an advanced stock chart pattern analysis tool that screens for stocks by more than 40 different technical indicators and chart patterns DAILY. It also allows customization by combining any preset criteria to create your own stock filters.

    Market volatility in the recent years including some large cap companies going bankrupt has indeed become worrisome for many investors. Traditionally, the only defence against the "Black Swan Events" such as sudden bankruptcy of a major company, was to diversify into many stocks across all sectors so that on average, it works out favorably. However, not only does diversification require large enough capital but also dilutes the profits of the real winners.

    That is why Screenulator has recently added Joe's Value Picks (, which is a list of around 40 stocks chosen based on the Value Investing principles used by many gurus including Warren Buffet, which is to find stocks with good fundamentals and relative cheap price (low PE ratio and debt equity ratio). In addition, their relative stability also makes them ideal for range-bounded trading with Screenulator's Trendline and Channels filters ( and other technical oscillators.

    With already strong basis on technical analysis, this is the first addition of fundamental analysis to Screenulator. By combining the two approaches, you achieve both safety of minimizing the risks of Black Swan Events, and timing advantage of technical analysis.

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