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  • fiend_bear fiend_bear May 7, 2010 7:39 PM Flag

    "The Worst is Yet to Come"

    READ the forecast!!!! THAT is what's so impressive. They predicted a huge rebound (at the market lows of last year when everyone else was bearish) to DOW 10k/12k by mid 2010, then sinking to new lows on the DOW by 2012/2014.

    READ before you comment... and yes that makes YOU look like a fool here.

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    • they also recommended selling stocks early to mid 2009 (50% down from where we are now) and insisted that oil was going $200 plus by 2010 (147 at a min)

      they were just throwing darts

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      • Guys the market has rallied since march of 09 and has just put in a top. GS top was 1230's on the snp , we overshot it and now the top is in. Everything points to a major correction which is needed. All signs tell the truth globally , politically and technically.

        Btw here's a bit of info. Search for mike burk on the safehaven site or google it. He gives a in depth weekly report with a conclusion on which direction the markets will be the following Friday from the issuance of his report which is given on Saturday mornings.

        Educate yourselves. Good luck.

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