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  • blackgulf2010 blackgulf2010 Oct 3, 2010 11:20 PM Flag

    AAPL is NOT more valuable than Exxon !!


    Forget that one dudes... Some bonehead anal is writing that because AAPL market capitalization may surpass XOM's market capitalization, AAPL is a more valuable company. That, is a joke. What any sane person should do is look at the net tangible book value of the 2 companies. AAPL has a high tangible book of about $45 Billion. However, Exxon has a tangible book of about $140 Billion, or 3.5x that of AAPL. And, a lot of the assets on Exxons books have been around for decades and are shown at only a small fraction of their actual market value. So.. Whoever wrote that one should be shot. AAPL is a company that could disappear in a flash. XOM is quite different.

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    • a_o_a Oct 4, 2010 3:08 AM Flag

      Your logic may be true in the meat market i.e., $/pound is all you need to know.
      Stock market is not for trading dead meat. May be Exxon is a dead meat.

    • it really depends on how you look at it. The way my generation looks at it is that no other product matters. If its made by apple we will line up and buy it. If its not we won't. XOM is a great company as oil fuels the world but that will one day disappear as well as alternatice enrgy is being heavily researched and a lot easier to figure out than the cure for cancer. Apple can stay on top of being the best producer of consumer prducts for a very long time. Everything in this market is overpriced but one should not get too badly burned holding on to a stock like apple.

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