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  • it_all_goood it_all_goood Oct 20, 2010 2:20 PM Flag

    Buckle up, children. . .this thing is going MUCH HIGHER. . .lion. .

    Wait till microsoft comes out with the edsel. Oh wait that was ford.
    That behemoth went out of business 60 years ago when Cadillac was released.

    Oh wait, that's not true. Cadillac has a very small volume compared to Ford. What was I thinking?

    You are a fool to think that a new OS from apple will cause 1 billion people to just throw out there computers and just start buying apple.

    It is clear that apple is getting many first time computer users. And that is great for them. Usually your first computer is your computer for life. But my first computer was apple, but all subsequent ones were PC.

    Of course times have changed since I as younger and apple and Microsoft are about the same now.

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