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  • belikekb8 belikekb8 Dec 2, 2010 7:24 PM Flag

    it really is incredible they can contain the price like this....

    Agree. Was contemplating selling Jan calls and buying further out but like the other guy said, you don't know when that pop will come. Could be tomorrow, next week, or next year, never know. Also noticed the Jan calls even a little otm deltas didn't increase accordingly to the stock price increase. Some of the calls were even worth more yesterday with a lower pps in the stock? What gives?

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    • I think it means the stock is going lower near term, obviously this badboy will go to $400, but market is up 4% in a few days, we are going to have profit taking and there is way too much optimism on the wire, Europe contagion will be back and don't forget Korea. If you are long term doesn't matter, but for traders, its time to wait

    • tomorrow the 12/3 options expire, the calls and puts are priced down @ every strike and every month. i bet they're will be a spike up early and a continuous decline throughout the day as the stock will most likely end up around$315 so the value for calls and puts is reduced.
      sell yesterday or hold till the next spike then cash in

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      • I agree with the original person that posted this message. This stock is being held down rather nicely (not that I like that), but I think that "scam" will come to an end. This stock will be around $350 within a month or so.
        Another topic discussed on this posting was about some people getting options for the year 2013. That's a waiste of $. Tech roars between August and the beginning of January. Why not just wait for August of each year and invest until January of the upcoming year??? You don't know what will happen between now and March of 2011...let alone January of 2013.

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