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  • midnightrambler108 midnightrambler108 Dec 14, 2010 2:08 PM Flag

    Just a thought..

    AAPL and GOOG together represent a half Trillion dollar market capitalization but together only represent 60,000 employees.

    It is obvious why the US Economy is in Shambles. They do not create jobs whatsoever.

    America needs to invest in something else.

    Maybe the market is wrong here.


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    • I don't think that would have an effect. I don't think risk is the reason for innovation.

      I don't think leaders compensation leads to innovation either.

    • Long term technology vision, patience, and a plan.

      Those are the only tools in my toolbox. Wish I could help.


    • Ok, thanks...

      So, I guess my old standby, the fabled "I'll ask the "Ouija Board"... isn't in your particular "theoretical genius toolbox", huh Thommy Boy?

      Dang! Clearly I could use whatever help you're willing to offer!!! :o)

    • What you arguing is that capitalism is bad for society as a whole because it encourages companies to become overly efficient for the societies own good.

    • I do.

      Go read up on the principles of your favored system, and it virtually eliminates all of the qualities that lead to those things (such as highly compensated leaders and risk taking, to name but a few). Again, it aint' no coincidence that the USA brought us all of those things.


    • Who says those benefits would disappear?

    • I just read up on it on Wikipedia. Here's a thought experiment for you...

      Imagine that a long time ago, when the USA was young, we adopted "Participatory Economics" as described on Wikipedia. What do you think the impacts would be on our quality of life? No doubt, you could come up with a laundry list of "Pros", primarily the ones that were enumerated and directly addressed by the creators. The funny thing is, I think that the list of Cons on Wikipedia is weak, and it's missing the most important one: many of the things that make our lives wonderful were only possible because somebody could get filthy rich off of it, and they were willing to take the risk to make it happen. Big pharma. Big entertainment. Big electronics (AAPL and GOOG). Big stadiums or theme parks. All things we like to shake our head at now and then, but we sure do love to use these products. Greed may cause a lot of ugly things to happen, but it plays a huge role for driving wonder into our lives too.

      Take away the risk takers, the greedy hard drivers, the fast moving powerful people with vision and replace them with "group owners" who act to limit their own risk, and I think a whole lot of what makes my life fun just disappears. It's no coincidence that the USA is responsible for the invention and design of so much wonderful stuff: the opportunity to make a lot of money from taking a risk and inventing something that hasn't been done before. You can't just separate our economy from these benefits.


    • Who are the shareholders?

      Not the people who need jobs.

      And By investing in AAPL and GOOG does not create jobs.

      There is an underlying argument here that is very evident...

    • I can imagine a better alternative actually...

      I'd call it Participatory Economics.

    • Two triggers for me to sell AAPL, whichever comes first:

      (1) The PEG gets closer to unity, taking into account Apple product's penetration in the markets they reside in. (And other miscellaneous road bumps, like the health of Steve Jobs, etc.)

      (2) My portfolio reaches $4M.

      If the former comes first, I'll sell my AAPL and consider where best to move that part of my holdings. I'll let you know if it seems to me like this is occurring, but that doesn't mean I'll be right.

      If the latter comes first, I'll move all of my holdings into value stocks that offer good dividends, and I'll retire. If this happens, I'll just bid everyone good bye and good luck with their AAPL and/or other positions.

      I don't think either one of these things is likely to happen in the next couple of years.


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