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  • georgespelvin Jan 18, 2011 7:11 PM Flag

    Proof of the Existence of God

    That Steve Jobs has cancer and may die while Bill Gates is alive and well ( not to mention that my beautiful 16 year old son has Leukemia) proves the existence of the horrid and demented old testament God that defined collateral damage. That this country is now being hijacked by the same God spouting nitwits that every crackpot Moslem extremist, cowardly US President, football coach and wide receiver invokes in the GREAT GOD ZERO SUM GAME is also telling.

    If there were a God Bill Gates would be dead and Steve Jobs would have eternal life. There is more creativity in Steve Jobs' little finger than in all the flabby flesh in Gates' entire flabby family.

    What a world. And, no, I don't own a gun and do not encourage anyone else to either.

    Just stop buying Microsoft (open source is great, Linux is great) and buy Apple.

    When virtue is its own reward there is precious little virtue and virtue being its own reward is the curious message from God. the more you suffer the more certain it was that you were chosen.

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    • Everyone is a sinner, nobody is exempted. Whether you post lies on message boards or kill somebody, you are the same in the eyes of God. The only redemption is to accept the free gift of life from Jesus, the son of God. He paid for all sins on the cross, he who knew no sin. The blood payment is made, and you either believe on Him and His father and repent (turn away) and ask forgiveness, or not. There is no dealing with God at the judgement seat of Christ, it is now or never. You cannot earn your way to heaven, not even a Pope can. It is a free gift, lest anyone should boast. So, we are all in the same boat, whether Jobs, you, me, church folks, or other countries, the same spot, the same decision. If you think it is a hoax, you haven't looked for God, because He can be found.

    • After reading that...Im Glad you don't own a gun.

      You are obvously too disturbed to be around Any weapons.

      Stay out of the kitchen to!

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      • georgespelvin Jan 18, 2011 9:33 PM Flag

        you dont think it is ironic that for those who believe in God that God hath smote Jobs and not Gates? What hath Gates created? Let's see. He stole C/PM from Digital Research, renamed it DOS and resold it to IBM. And he made a deal with other hardware mfrs that they could not sell computers without giving away his operating system. Oh yes, and then he took 30 years to stop it from crashing and charge for each bug fix.

        Yes, I can see why God would favor Bill Gates. The same way he favored Lot's wife or Abraham's son...

        Rock of Ages...

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