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  • n59218 n59218 Feb 11, 2011 7:04 AM Flag

    SS @ 359.93

    My GTC to sell-short order at 359.93 got executed it seems, finally yesterday. So, officially I'm now short AAPL you can say! I'll explain the dynamics and reasoning behind this, almost a perfect placement, in the near future. For now, flying down South to enjoy the weekend of golf! Ta Ta! :-)

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    • 13 points in a month! Good Trade indeed!

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      • I covered my AAPL short at 327 finally ... very good trade indeed ... thanks to the JMP Securities downgrade! And then I immediately went long at 326.71 ...because of two very important things, I learned from a reliable source of mine. I'll describe in detail, perhaps in the coming weekend. For now, suffice this to say: This will touch 373 before next earnings ... is the essence of the things!

    • Its tragic, but, the only way big-boys (MFMs) can preserve their clients and big-moola, is by selling in the face of clear competition ahead, over-supply of gadgets and almost-certain disappearance of the human-magic from the picture! The hedgies are stampeding out now it seems! Farewell my friend! It was prudent to establish this short before this stampede starts for max gains ... but, there are plenty more ahead ... so still there is enough time! Remember: The big-boys will not ring a bell for you to let you know that they have started selling!

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      • As expected, they did not ring a bell to let these MB pie-in-the-sky-dreamers know that they are selling!

      • How funny or tragic this conversation was:

        "Honey Hunny ... please pass me the pad please!

        "Oh ok, here you go ... I just started listening actually".

        "No, idiot, not iPad, but actual pad, may be a diaper will do for now ... as I have started leaking before the monitor"

        "Say what?"

        "Yep, AAPL is going down big time now ... and taking our next month's mortgage payment with it".

        "You stupid idiot ... I told you not to get so pumped-up by street's hype and buy at $363 ... what were you thinking ... did you see the market cap? Why didn't you buy 3 years ago? Didn't you think you are too late ... and the selling season would eventually begin?"

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