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  • didihala_1 didihala_1 Aug 29, 2011 3:40 AM Flag

    *** "nateleb", for the love of God, STOP!!!

    First you got scared when the stock fell below your purchase price and kept whining why you bought at high price. Then it went up and you sold too quick and you started whining why you sold too soon.

    Now you can't stop whining agian because you want to get in but it is too expensive for you.

    For the love of God, please stop acting like a kid, grow a pair and stop nickel & diming yourself to death and stop your whining! Geez!!

    - If you can't risk to lose the money you invest, then you shouldn't be investing, put your money in a savings account.

    - If you think Apple is a good company and worth the investment and want to keep it long term, what the hell is the difference if you pay a few dollars more now?

    I have been very patient, and I'm sorry I don't want to be mean, but what is the point of all these posts showing your indecision? I can understand a few posts if you want others opinions, but c'mon don't you think this is a little too much?!

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    • This is a 18 month play but $58/$383 = 15% cash tax deferred return and another possible $17 profit =$400 -$383. approx 5% .

      So your LIMITED upside is 20%. If you think you can do better than that and want to forego that hedge protection ignore this suggestion

    • JAN 2013 $400 calls sell for $58/ a share.

      Your HEDGE is $383 - $58 =. $327

      Your giveaway is $400 + $58 = $458

    • Maybe I have an idea for this person. You can but this stock and water down your risk by selling a covered call for anywhere from 1 to 17% depending on time frame and/ or strike price,
      Personally, I prefer never selling rights to a stock under 10% of my purchase price. The best time to sell a coveted call is at the time of stock purchase for it is all relevant. Some will try to be cute and guess. That is a 50-50 play.

      Look at the JAN 2013 market strike prices. You can find the option chain on the yahoo summary page

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