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  • bobbyxx123 bobbyxx123 Sep 22, 2011 9:46 AM Flag

    As I said...wait to get in cheaper

    You people really should listen to me...but you never do.

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    • Why is it that you feel nobody is listening to you? Why is it that you think anyone needs to listen to you? Why is it that you would want people to listen to this advice? I mean, don;t you want people to act irrationally, buying high and selling low? Isn't that how you and I can get even lower prices when we buy and higher prices when we sell? An efficient market where everyone has all the relevant information and acts perfectly rational to maximize their economic utility is not what you should be wishing for. I'll take the wild west atmosphere that prevails in today's markets over that anytime.

    • So when Apple goes up $10 everyone wants in and everything is great...Apple goes down $10 and everyone panics and sells...

      There should be an IQ test before allowing people to open a brokerage account.

      In about a month...after I5 is announced (if not more) and earnings blow out...where do you think Apple will be trading?

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