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  • michaelwpaschal michaelwpaschal Oct 6, 2011 3:08 AM Flag

    Lots of Pathetic Posts Tonight..

    Brother, you said it. Steve Jobs was a man. And while some thought he was difficult, he has lost his life. I have never owned an Apple product. Always too expensive for me. But I recognize the man's vision, his contributions to the world of technology, and, therefore, the world entire.

    A man has lost his life. He battled cancer and had all the resource of the world entire to buy the best of everything to fight for his life, and he still lost.

    These A'holes are only worried about the share price. It disgusts me. Apple will survive without Steve Jobs. It is just a company that produces electronic gadgets. I bet you that Steve Jobs, if given the choice right now, would do it all over again, and it he only had the choice to to be a dog catcher, he would choose life.

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