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  • santacruztodd santacruztodd Jun 10, 2012 6:56 PM Flag

    Futures appear to be up


    Apple +15 tomorrow????

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    • Hi Sanatcruz... Let's just hope history does not repeat itself this week. Each of the past 5 years, Apple has closed down the week of WWDC (Friday close to Friday close). See the bottom set of tables here...

      I closed many of my July spreads that had gains and am now 25% in July spreads and 75% cash. I'm going with the history in that we may see a dip this week especially with the Greece vote next weekend. Monthly op ex week is also typically a negative week for Apple -- Mon - Fri down 70% of the past 23 months. I'm hoping to re-enter the July spreads at better pricing over the next week or two and set up for some nice pre-earnings gains in July.

      I'm okay with being wrong this week and is why I'm keeping my 25% position in July spreads. However, Apple will need a significant surprise tomorrow such as iPhone 5 earlier than expected or a preview of the new Apple TV. If we just have iOS 6 with 3D maps, Mountain Lion, and Mac refreshes it won't be enough to move the stock this week.

      Looking forward to an exciting week.

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      • Great research - Forbes today also summarized the previous 9 WWDC events.

        With an upbeat market tomorrow, it will be interesting to see how AAPL holds up this WWDC week.

      • Here are last year's data during the WWDC conference. It was down $19.60 from the open on Monday to the close on Friday. This year might be bullish though since good news has come over the weekend. The question is if this good news is already priced in from Friday? Doesn't hurt to be cautious.

        Date Open High Low Close Volume
        6/6/2011 345.7 347.05 337.81 338.04 16497810
        6/7/2011 338.17 338.22 331.9 332.04 18927580
        6/8/2011 331.78 334.8 330.65 332.24 11924510
        6/9/2011 333.25 333.67 330.75 331.49 9834457
        6/10/2011 330.55 331.66 325.51 325.9 15504200 -19.8

    • Dad, combined with solid announcements at WWDC tomorrow I think we see 610+

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