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  • telaviv767 telaviv767 Jun 19, 2012 5:42 PM Flag

    Alert! 40% of Android phones in China below $200! Amazing!

    Android to continue to gain market share on lame tiny 3g $800 iphone!:):) LOL!:)

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    • You do realize Android is not a phone right? It is an operating system given away for free to numerous hardware makers just for google to be the default home page and search engine.

      You do realize price per click has been down for google ...and google is getting paid less for mobile clicks right?

      and now that Google owns MMI and is selling failing Motorola phones against companies that it gives its operating system away for free is a moronic move by google.....hope Google enjoys its 12.5 billion MMI failing investment....

      get ready for falling margins for Google.....

      what exactly has Googles stock done since 2008? when it was $700 a share?

      Oh...that is has done nothing.....and has not seen $700 in over 5 years....That is called going no where fast....

      Enjoy this quarter coming up.....should be very interesting starting with the 12.5 billion hit for buying MMI

      failing hardware sales

      lower margins

      lower price per click

      enjoy your google

    • STOP POSTING. In reply, you get what you pay for. That applies to Appl's pps as well.

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