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  • mbasam Jul 24, 2012 6:45 PM Flag

    Here's the reasons why I believe Apple missed

    Apple was the leader of the smart phone when it first came out with touch screen. They were a solid leader up until 3S then by the time they released iphone 4, Samsung and other competitions already released 4.5 inch screen with better camera with 8megpixel. Apple 4 at that time still only had 5megpixel. And most notabley they only had 3 inch screen. Well that was almost 2 years ago. Today, Samsung and HTC along with many other cell phones all released with no less than 4 inch screen. Well, now Apple iphone has, guess what, 3 inch screen!!!!! So who's playing leadership role here now? About 3 years ago I owned iphone 3 and loved it! But I had to make a change because I wanted a bigger screen for surfing and I wanted to take it with me unlocked so I could use another sim card when traveling abroad. Now what did iphone do to virtually impossible to use another sim card? They changed their sim card to smaller version ones when NO one is using that small sim car with their phones!!!! What a hassle! If you were the enemy of Apple company and wanted to sabotage their iphone business then you'd do exactly like what Apple has been doing and that is dont' upgrade the camera, don't change the screen size when most consumers have been complaining about the smallness of iphone 3 inch screen, change the sim car to a different size so that it's difficult to use when unlocked for people to use while traveling or others who are with either T-mobile and any other sim card phone companies to not be able to use iphone. Wow, to think this is how Steve Jobs wanted it before he died. Jobs was a genious but again like in the earliy 80's he glory ended short because he wanted to make his Apple computer incompatible with all other 3rd party software. Now the same is happening with the iphone. Short sighted for someone who is touted as a genious. I only pointed out couple of issues with iphone and Apple business tactics and I can go into ipads but that's for another chapter. Good luck longs cuz you'll need it.

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    • They missed because the business they are in is getting crowded and their products are a lot like others but much more expensive. Samsung sold a lot more of their phones and their phones are great. I can set this because I used to have an iPhone and switched to Samsung 2 years ago. This also goes for Samsung tablet etc. Customers have a choice and Apple is loosing their first mover advantage. To me it seems as if the gold rush days are over for Apple.

    • Windows 8 and Nokia will drag Apple even further.

    • what did apple miss?

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    • My friend, the problem here is simply the analysts estimate in blowout q off last three months off last year was lower than the quarter they just reported.Get it? The analysts screwed them with a higher estimate on pps! Simple as that look it up, & quit over analyzing this!!

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    • its not just that man.

      it is because apple is a CONTROL FREAK. they want total control of every little thing you do. unless you are like me knowing how to jailbreak things and all and yes do flashes for androids as well.

      Well now that Steve Jobs is out the master marketer of apple NOT a technician I mind you he was never a real good tech he was a seller a marketer that knows the desires of the public he had style.
      innovation wise he was ahead but not the only one. he saw opportunities.

      operations cannot replace artistic talent and innovative thinking.

      we have an operations man right now.

      This is why I said already cook cannot handle apple and grow it more than jobs never have never will.

      apple can last a few years though never said they cannot. But there may be some cracks starting to form.
      like microsoft like cisco like all the yester year titans that came before apple. nothing grows forever.

      real techs dont need apple it is those that want simple interfaces that like apple.
      some programmers like apple as well because they dont know hardware.

      software and hardware are completely different
      if you talk hardware techs they dont like apple due to control freak really
      software techs dont mind that much.

      simple users like apple though because it is stylish.

    • If you are a male, you should know size does not matter. It is the quality, usability, flexibility, and durability that matter.

    • You are absolutely correct and hit the nail on the head. I have all Apple products and love them but recently had to replace my iphone with an Android. Android just does hell of a lot more than an iphone. I hope Apple change strategy. No position in appl.

    • Do you think bigger screen is better? When I changed my 3G iPhone to another brand's bigger screen, I found it is difficult to operate its bigger screen with one hand, my fingers can't reach to it's every buttons as easy as my old iPhone 3. If bigger screen is better, current technology can easily make it bigger than 5 inches, just like iPAD, do you think it is still portable to be a cell phone? The better design is to make it easier to be operated in your plam or put it in your small pocket. This is only about your size issue, don't even mention about their software design and vendor's applications.

      I can understand your feeling cool to try the latest Galaxy, but to own an iPhone is more than just cool, it's "fashion". This is something about product image, part of the result of consumer behavior. As long as the crowded people still can be seen in apple stores, I am sure the people still feel proud to own Apple's products. It's not just a simple electronic device, it's a ~~~~~ "fashion".

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    • Apple is down because technology has passed them by, their products cannot compete with the likes of Google, Samsung and HTC. Apple cannot make one phone a year and keep up with this fast changing technology.. Rember, Apple makes nothing, they depend on other companies to make everything they sell. Samsung will always make their products better than what they do for Apple..
      I can fill up my Samsung G III with free apps that would cost me $300 a month to get the same apps from Apple.. Apple Iphone is still #1 in dropped calls, that's cool, right?

    • nice article.. but I've been hearing all of this in one form or another since I bought my first Mac in 1988. Apple wasn't this or is wasn't that... Apple has been the leader and will continue to be the leader... ethernet port on personal computers, all in one design iMac, colors, Hypercard, no more floppy drives, wireless as standard on all computers, USB ports, the iPod ecosystem, the iPhone, the iPad, etc... Apple missed because they still made $9B in the quarter.. .let me repeat they still made $9B selling iphones all over the plant $26Million iphones sold.. record iPad and iMac sales... yes Apple missed alright.... record sales of there $1000 computers and $800 phone and $800 iPad in middle of the worst world economy in 50 years... they can't make enough phones, iPads or computers... I've been hearing you bashers for 20 years!! get over yourselves...

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