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  • getqat20 getqat20 Aug 1, 2012 4:01 PM Flag

    Apple's best days are over

    It has been a great stock if you owned it way back then, but use your common sense and don't fall in love with any stock.look at the competition and all those that want to have a piece of the pie.They already have cought up and it is time to cash in.

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    • Thank you for that factoid. If I ever own any Apple stock, I'll remember that I probably bought it late in the life cycle. That means we have nowhere else to go, too. All other companies are really old compared to Apple and possibly well past the turning point. Apple will split soon which at least cuts the stock price in half, which is a lot better for them and you and me.

    • Didn't Samsung just sell a lot more Galaxy than iphone?
      Why do you think they are talking about stock split now?
      Btw you have a choice of being blind and deaf , and maybe you get lucky!

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      • Don't confuse a glut of devices being sold to people who could care less about their OS as a legitimate comparison to a single device being sold to people who are very deliberate about what they're doing. The sales are meaningless stats relative to real consumption.

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      • Check the story. It compared all Android smartphones (not just Galaxy) SHIPPED against iPhones SOLD. So that's a comparison of how many Android phones got channel stuffed versus the number of iPhones SOLD and in the hands of an end user!! And even though the Android numbers were roughly twice the iPhone numbers, Apple still made far more profit on those iPhones than all those Android phones combined!! LOL!!!!!!!

    • Yeah, I remember hearing that at $200 too :)

    • I absolutely agree with you, when Iphone came out it was a game changer...people fell in love, I bought it everyone else did, but guess what its been a while now. I do not have the same craze I had 3yrs back, cos every phone now looks similar.

      Any android based phone will do the job that Iphone does, and at a fraction of the cost....infact I would prefer to have a open source android that a closed IOS. The fact is I love Samsung S3 and the google talk on that, SIRI sounds like antique to me.

      Same is true for Ipad, there are 100s of products in the market and some are really good like AAPL, I would anyday prefer Google pad over ipad.

      I still got the old one and my daughter plays with that, but I have moved on.

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      • Anyone who says they prefer an android tablet to an ipad has zero credibility in the tech space. Further, the mentality that the OS is equal clearly illustrates the difference between iphone users and android (I currently own the Galaxy SII btw). Although Android is gaining market share it is meaningless because only a small portion of those users understand what the phones even do. If you are a media company or a app developer who do you want as your consumer? my dad who can barely figure out how to use email but is vocal about not seeing the difference between and iphone and his Galaxy? Or, my nephew who is a data hog on his iphone, checks in on 4square, uses facetime regularly, is a crazy gamer and is constantly looking for what's cool? I think it's pretty clear. I think the stat is something like for every $.20 an android user spends an iphone user spends $.80. if you don't undersand that then you don't understand the market and shouldn't be commenting about the validity of the products or their future as businesses.

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      • IOS is based on Linux. It is open source. Which means nothing. Buy what you want.

      • You prefer a horribly fragmented malware infested Android device with inferior ecosystem to a drastically safer iOS Apple device with superior ecosystem? Well you go right ahead and knock yourself out pumpkin!

    • Shut up dip s h i t !

    • Well if you mean a 10 bagger to a 2 bagger I can see your point!

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      • What concerns me is that apple is stating that since Samsung cannot compete that they are just stealing Apple's design and technology ,copying the product and selling it on a mass scale. Wow!!.. talk about wide scale theft with no shame. Apple better get the court quick to stop all selling and distribution of Samsung's infringement and property theft from Apple if the court will agree that this is the case.

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    • Way back when? You mean for the last 12 months? Do you work in the industry because your analysis is so analytical and insightful? Thanks for the posting. NOT

    • That is too funny!!!!! The competition has caught up?? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! All I've seen out of the competition so far is a bunch of Apple wanabe failures!

    • theytookallthegoodloginnames theytookallthegoodloginnames Aug 1, 2012 4:04 PM Flag

      Did you short it at 550 or 570?

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