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  • valueplay_2000 valueplay_2000 Aug 11, 2012 8:18 AM Flag


    Muslim B r o t h e r h o o d lover Obama doesn't have a chance of winning in Nov.

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    • It’s hard for me to believe any Conservative Republican believes themselves. When Obama was elected I heard that he was going to send troops to Wall Street and take over all finance in this country. I’ve heard he is a Muslim when he has been in Christian churches all his adult life. I’ve heard he is not American when he has a birth certificate and there are newspaper stories of his birth in Hawaii. I’ve heard he is a terrorist when he has systematically gotten rid of many terrorist leaders. I’ve heard he did not deserve the grades received in Harvard even though the Harvard Law Review, generally considered the most prestigious in the country, elected him to that job, which is considered the highest student position at Harvard Law School. I’ve heard he is a tax and spend President when taxes are the lowest in 30 years. I’ve listened to his speeches and then listened to the Conservative Republican spin and sat with my mouth opened after hearing the distortions and exaggerations. I’ve seen Republican ads that have edited Obama speeches in ways that make it look like Obama is saying what he is not saying. Now I’m told he will get rid of religion and he will bend religious institutions to his liberal views. I’m told he is a Communist because of Obama care and that Americans want Obama care repealed when polls show 50% of Americans want it, and that number is growing as the plan is unfolding and people realize how important it is. My God will it ever stop! I’ve heard he has no good economic plan; well, there you got me because, he has proposed many plans that the Republicans have blocked. So how can I tell you any of them would have worked, except they come from one of the best minds in America.
      What do the Republicans offer, lower taxes and greatly reduced regulations, increase in military spending, removal of family planning, poorer contraception rights, restriction on gays, and poorer schools with fewer and fewer teachers. Some of these things are the very things that got us in trouble in the first place. And to get what the Conservative Republicans want all we have to do is gut SSI, Medicare, and Medicaid. Look, it depends on how you see America. Are we the rich country that takes care of people, old, young and sick or are we so individualistic that we won’t help anyone, living a kind of dog eat dog existence? Many Conservative Republicans say we can’t afford to be so altruistic, and, they have a point, but, we can work together and try to do our best to have the best society possible. Putting our elderly on ice floats letting our poor sick die, letting our school children down and letting families with sick aging parents go broke with medical expenses is not my America, but maybe it’s yours.

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      • Obamacare is nothing more than a huge tax burden on our country. He doesn't care about young, old, white or black. He doesn't represent America or Americans. At least Romney and his VP pick will honor the Constitution and the office of the Presidency whereas Obama has shown total disdain for our free enterprise system and constitution. He has no respect for the office and our countries heritage. If you listen to what Obama says and what he and his idiots around him do, you'll see that he's a total liar. Let's not as a country fall for the big lie again. I didn't the first time around.

      • Excellent!

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      • You know Magic, this speech almost bring a tear to my eye. However, you're full of crap. Obama begins every speech with "I inheirited the greatest financial crisis since the the Great Depression." So what does OBama make his first priority? The economy? No. Healthcare so we can add a few more trillion to the deficit. He is a good campaigner but a weak President.The American people did not give Obama a mandate to spend tax payer money like he has a blank check. Two words that Republicans and Independents all understand: Fiscal Responsibility. Obama really should begin every speech with "If I'm re-elected I promise to turn the US of A into another Greece or Spain."

    • Let's see.... Since Ryan claims to be an expert on the private sector....what does he bring bring to the table in the way of experience from the private sector...Well, he got his BA Degree in Economics at 22 years of age and spent the next 6 years working for Sen.Kasten,then Sen.Brownback,then Jack Kemp,plus a couple of petty jobs like being a gym trainer and bacon salesman...At the age of 28,Ryan got himself elected to congress in his home town area {lightly populated district in ultra conservative of Southern Wis.}...But he claims he's not a Washington Insider...You decide for yourself...I'll just call him "Beltway Paul"....Ryan is purely a professional politician and in due time he will be exposed for what he is. .

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    • who took our country..who are they "taking it back"from

    • Ryan a good pick for the right wing fringe and loonatarians, but on the fence people are now going to Obama in droves. Romney the dip just threw the election. Not a smart pick at all. Me, I don't care, not voting for either one and casting a blank ballot, just saying.

    • What is wrong with America? Most powerful country in the world? With comments like that, I think not.

    • Michele Bachmann, is that you?! LOL!

    • I just want to get in on that Romney 14% tax bracket. How do I do that? Also, any advice on squirreling away my savings in a secret bank account so that I can keep it out of the US Taxman's grubby paws?

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    • in november we will have american president

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    • I believe this pick just assured the defeat of obama........lets get America back on track

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    • I guess we will have the Mormon brotherhood now!

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