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  • wingofeaglets17 wingofeaglets17 Aug 21, 2012 9:35 AM Flag

    I love how they miss at 570. Up 100 on nothing.

    goodluck buyers

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    • Lucky they didn't miss then. Apple beat the guidance they gave. You bashers know nothing about the stocks you're assigned to bash, apparently.

    • You should try to understand components of PPS. A very small percentage is on based past results and a very large percentage is based on future cash flows. AAPL is printing money. There are also several catalysts that will drive the PPS higher. This is the best investment out there and at a 12.4 forward PE, it is still cheap. Imagine if AAPL got the same valuation as the POS facebook (PE 69 ttm).

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      • 1 Reply to crizzo4271
      • Not up on nothing. Up on announcements of sep 12 for iphone and ipad mini, both now deemed likely based on rumors and leaks. iphone5 expected to have 4" display, slightly thinner due to thinner screen due to embedded touch layer within the LCD layer, better camera, LTE, a much better SIRI based on cook's comments last conference, SIRI speaks cantonese and mandarin so should be popular with the new carrier China mobile, which is the largest cell carrier by subscribers in the world, maybe near field sensing, certainly better processor, smaller connector for charging (sorry), non-glass back, less easily broken glass front, and who knows what else (isn't the above enough?). I think the ipad mini will have LOWER resolution screen, 7 inch size, less memory, and price point low enough to compete with Fire and Nexus, but I am just guessing here. Thanks for the well wishes, wing of eaglets. I wish you well too and bid you to participate if only during the surge leading up to sept 12. You can unload just before this date if you think the surge is based on nothing, or if you think that the street should reward or punish AAPL based on the analysts consensus guess, rather than AAPL's own conservative earnings guidance. Given the continuing growth rate, what do you think the P/E should be? But I hope you take that chip off your shoulder and come in from the cold and make some money. By the way, Apple TV is a complete unknown to me and is not priced into my enthusiasm, despite the likley accurate quote from Steve Jobs' provided by his biographer named Isaacson. There are a lot of little facts serving as clues out there, just have to find the ones that are probably true, accumulate them, and assemble into an educated guess.....

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