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  • gavinsox gavinsox Sep 1, 2012 2:24 PM Flag

    America Please Fill that Empty Seat!

    An empyt seat with an empty suit, with empty policies, and empty programs, and empty words from an empty President with empty experience and qualifications is a terrible waste! Let's get this country off of EMPTY!

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    • Right!!!!!!!!.........fill it with chronic LIARS

    • Yeah, let's get Romney, Ryan, and Carl Rove (and the rest of the good old Bush cronies) back in the office.

      Romney is the candidate that no one (in conservative Republicans party) wanted (or he wasn't their 1st choice) but had no choice to endorse anyway. That says a lot about the GOP and candidates.

      And who could blame them? Watch and learn. Presented in a comic way but it's so true and serious.


      Ryan's speech, Google search "RNC 2012 - The Road to Jeb Bush 2016 - Paul Ryan's Convenient Truths"

      Clint Eastwood, Google search "RNC 2012 - The Road to Jeb Bush 2016 - A Fistful of Awesome"

      WE Built It, Google search "RNC 2012 - The Road to Jeb Bush 2016 - We Built It"

      We can Change That, Google search "RNC 2012 - The Road to Jeb Bush 2016 - We Can Change That"

      A Must SEE, how Obama failed us from start, Google search "RNC 2012 - The Road to Jeb Bush 2016 - Republican Time Travel"

      Why a business man should be President, Google search "RNC 2012 - The Road to Jeb Bush 2016 - The Best #$%$ News Team Ever Audits America"

      GOP Platform on Abortion, Google search "RNC 2012 - The Road to Jeb Bush 2016 - The Republican Platform"

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      • 1 Reply to didihala_1
      • What is OWE-BAMA's plan to move America FORWARD into Radical European-Like $ocialism ? Hummm... let me guess -- -- -- -- -- MORE DEBT and HIGHER TAXES ? .....Hummm.....Can you say Food Riots ??? ....This INCOMPETENT experiment in $ocialism will hopefully come to an end -- as the COMPLETE & UTTER FAILURE it has been. Like Clint Eastwood said, it's time to move on....give a stellar business man a chance.

        Is it a coincidence that the NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK will likely tick over $16 TRILLION during the Democrat's Personal Attack & Insult Convention ???

        Check-out ROMNEY's ECONOMIC PLAN -- See below (directly from the Romney website).......(The USA would be the envy of the world with this plan -- and Food, Gasoline and Utility Prices will drop like a rock over time -- with MORE SUPPLY coming on the market)

        Mitt Romney’s Plan for a Stronger Middle Class
        A Plan For More Jobs And More Take-Home Pay

        Energy Independence

        • Increase access to domestic energy resources
        • Streamline permitting for exploration and
        • Eliminate regulations destroying the coal industry
        • Approve the Keystone XL pipeline

        The Skills To Succeed

        • Give every family access to a great school and
        quality teachers
        • Provide access to affordable and effective higher
        education options
        • Focus job training programs on building valuable
        skills that align with opportunities
        • Attract and retain the best and the brightest from
        around the world

        Trade That Works For America

        • Curtail the unfair trade practices of countries
        like China
        • Open new markets for American goods and services
        • Build stronger economic ties in Latin America
        • Create a Reagan Economic Zone to strengthen free
        enterprise around the world

        Cut The Deficit

        • Immediately reduce non-security discretionary
        spending by five percent
        • Cap federal spending below twenty percent of
        the economy
        • Give states responsibility for programs that they can
        implement more effectively
        • Consolidate agencies and align compensation
        of federal workers with their private-sector

        Champion Small Business

        • Reduce taxes on job creation through individual and
        corporate tax reform
        • Stop the increases in regulation that are tangling job
        creators in red tape
        • Protect workers and businesses from strong-arm
        labor union tactics
        • Replace Obamacare with real health care reform
        that controls cost and improves care

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